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february 2021

Don't let anyone put you in a box, you can be anything you want and as many things as you want.


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Dream Or Love

While it still holds to stay in one lane and master a craft, others have defied norms set by society in pursuit of passion — no matter how countless. In a society where individualism and self-expression are celebrated, those who dared to walk the path of glory would succumb to the harsh price to pay to achieve them. Then came those who walked against the grain. Lady Gaga once said, “I realized that part of my identity is saying no to things I don’t want to do. It is your right to curate your life and your own perspective. You are not here to be a puppet.” This sentiment could not have been more powerfully echoed by Latina actress, model, singer, and filmmaker, Yesi Rodriguez.


Yesi recalls turning down a role to stand up for what she truly values. "This might seem like a negative, but I promise it's not. The reason that it is memorable is that often as performing artists we feel like we are at the mercy of someone else's approval of our image, voice, and talent," Yesi shares. It was empowering to realize that she has the right to build her career in whatever way she wants. "There are endless opportunities out there and we do not have to settle for the minimum just because we love our art." Yesi's desire for all artists is to pursue the opportunities that are joy-fillers and self-empowering to realize all that one can bring to the table.

Her musical journey started at a very young age. "I have been singing and making music my entire life, as a child I would come up with melodies and words that I would sing all day long. I was the kid humming in class all day," says Yesi.

A music career was her first dream and passion. But fear got the best of her. Yesi tried acting to overcome her fear of public performances. "If I was playing a character, I focused on the message I was conveying through song rather than the fear that people wouldn't enjoy my performance." But after going through a dark time in her life she turned to music, her first passion, "to pull her heart out of the darkness." And during those gloomy seasons, her carrier single 'Dreams or Love' was born which garnered international acclaims.

On Fashion and Music

I think that all of the performing arts (and I'm including fashion/modeling in this) are connected because they are forms of expression for the creative. People who create have something to say and different ways of conveying their message.

I would sing all day long


A big inspiration for me is Latina powerhouse Jennifer Lopez, who does it all. I hope that I can continue developing my talent and art forms to reach that level of success across mediums. I also really love the work that Selena Gomez does, we're around the same age but I love her spirit and the way she expresses herself. Another musical artist I love is Billie Eilish for my English jams; and Karol G for my Spanish jams.

Embarrassing Moment.

At my last live performance the background music wasn't totally leveled, it sounded one way on one side of the room and another on the other side. When I watched the playback I was mortified to realize that I sounded slightly off to half my audience. Yikes!


Dreams of Love.

Sometimes I have a melody that I come up with and get stuck in my head. So I record it on my phone and write lyrics to it. Other times I start with poetry and try to sing it, and then I find the melody and shape the lyrics to fit that. 'Dreams or Love' is a song I wrote while I was in my first serious relationship; I was also in the pursuit of my career and coming out of a dark time. It's about how I felt torn between my career (my dreams) and being in love. Looking back, I wish I had done a lot more with those lyrics. I was discovering song formatting and I was unable to see past what I originally came up with. I wish I had incorporated more poetry but I guess I get to save that for the next tracks in the works!

It's about how I felt torn

Music or Film.

That's a really hard question. I can't imagine completely abandoning any of them, especially because they are all in constant dialogue with each other. At least they are in my life. Right now I'm working as part of a writer's room for a project where I will be playing a character who dives into the music industry. With that in mind, I choose acting because I can sing and even model as part of my acting; it's limitless and always varied. I get to live an endless amount of lives, adventures and dreams through acting. On good days, I even get to sing! Because I'm involved in the work I do as a creator as well as performer, the options are limitless.