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[noun]’s segment dedicated to expat artists making waves in the local music scene.

march 2021

There is a lot of variety of music scenes in the UAE during the pre-Covid time, we can say it was active, though it was selective at least people are trying.



WYWY stands for Within You Without You, inspired by one of the Beatle's songs from their album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Their music is described as dreamy, dark, and ethereal as most people would define it. Major music influences are Portishead, Radiohead, Broadcast, and Cocteau Twins. WYWY started as a fun jam way back when the first edition iPad came out and as a bored unmarried couple, couldn't stop messing around with GarageBand. Compositions flowed using the app. To the band's surprise, people sent them messages saying "we're digging that kind of music." WYWY released an EP on cd, cassette tapes, vinyl, and on all social media music platforms which they consider "one of our best achievements." The rest was history.

Memorable Moments

We have too many memorable performances however the best ones are the in Fridge Concert Series where we performed as the main act and did not expect the support from Dubai music crowd and the other one was the Music & Art Festival in Georgia where we played on a small village at the top of the mountain of Omalo with other artists from different countries... Love it!

Clown in The Band.

Who is the clown? hahaha! we are both crazy, you will know by the names of our kids!

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The X-Factor.

I am not sure if we are unique but maybe what makes us different from others is we are married and we have kids and still doing weird stuff, we don't know.

First Song.

The first song we wrote was 'That Changes Everything' - we came up with that song when we were broke hahaha! and thought money and power change people and all around us.

Common Ground.

I guess what makes our relationship rock solid is we have the same and different taste in music so it's perfect when you combine it. We love food no questions and we love to travel.

it's perfect when you combine it


Our biggest dream as a duo is to travel around the world with our music together with our kids. Full-time artists.


Embarasing Moment.

One of our embarrassing moments was when we got kicked off the stage hahaha! it was a music and art festival and we always perform on this event annually however that certain year, they have changed the event organizer and maybe they thought our music is pop or dance or whatever - they were shocked and unplugged our mics and shizz, little did they know most of the audiences came to support us. But what to do? That's a lesson for event organizers, know your artists/guests, don't be ignorant.

we got kicked off the stage! (laughs)

What's Missing?

There is a lot of variety of music scenes in the UAE during the pre-Covid time, we can say it was active, though it was selective at least people are trying. There's a bit of a lack of support or maybe because people come and go, no one stays permanently that's why sometimes a good music platform doesn't really last long because founders and artists have to leave the country eventually.