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Female Empowerment: the core message of multi-genre songwriter and recording artist Varsha Vinn. She struggled a great deal with her self-esteem growing up, being body-shamed and bullied often. The feeling of reclusive isolation chased her and resulting in a state of shallow self-belief. "I think that makes me the kind of person that is super hard on herself, to date." Varsha talks about feeling comfortable in one's skin, being confident, honest and fearless in having and expressing opinions as a woman. Not to mention her grapples as a female in the industry.

Lately, she has been having fun with musical concepts that are based on femme fatale— the elegant and classy kind. "Also, being a boss woman and embracing that!"

Please introduce yourself.

Hi! I'm Varsha Vinn. Originally from India, music has always been a part of me and I started writing songs at 14. I left home at 15 to study high school in the U.S on a full scholarship and later pursued my dream of studying at Berklee College of Music, Boston (B.A in Songwriting) and here I am now, based out of Dubai, releasing music and performing live around the U.A.E.

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The first song you ever wrote what is it about?

I remember one of the first fully-finished songs I wrote was, when I was 15, sitting by a cake in a camping ground in Colorado. I wrote about how my heart and soul felt numb, cold like the wind and rocks (it's a little cringy looking back haha) But I can also see a teenager in so much pain, lost and feeling empty and not understanding why.

My mom and dad wanted me to be a singer

Who inspired you to pursue music?

My mom and dad wanted me to be a singer ever since I was 2 and could sing. So I would probably owe it to them for making me fall in love with music and being on stage from a young age.

Apart from music, what gives you that sense of escape?

I love cooking! I have such a passion for it. I'm vegan, so I love creating new recipes. I think as long as I'm creating, I'm happy :) I enjoy the process of cutting veggies, sautéing, listening to jazz music, drinking some wine and trying out new recipes. I also enjoy my quiet walks with my puppy ( I usually leave my phone at home) and enjoy my time in nature. I also enjoy beach and mountain camping getaways with friends. I enjoy very simple things - most of the time it's just being in my baggy home clothes, eating comfort food and binge-watching on Netflix.


What would you wish to eradicate in the world today?

Suffering of any kind. I think animal cruelty would be one of the first things I would want to end. I'm always in tears thinking about the meat industry and reading/watching videos of how animals are treated. I'm an empath, so I will cry if I see somebody else cry. As an artist, I feel like there's so much pressure in the current scene to show off everything you own and how rich one, how flawless one is on social media, etc. I feel like that's a change that's doable as an individual by living the kind of life that doesn't support that kind of superficiality to matter in this world and be a good role model to the next generation because they're under so much scrutiny and pressure to look a certain way and have a lot of things to feel like they matter.


If there is one line in a famous song that you love what would it be?

"I've looked at life from both sides now / From win and lose and still somehow / It's life's illusions I recall / I really don't know life at all" ~ Joni Mitchell

This whole thing is kind of like a line because they flow into each other conceptually. This is my favorite song and my favorite lines of all times.

when the crowd cheers

What makes you smile?

A lot of special little moments in my life make me smile. Being around my girlfriends whenever I get to meet them, brings me a lot of joy because it's my safe space. My puppy makes me smile. The best feeling is after a performance on stage, when the crowd cheers, that brings the most genuine smile of gratitude to my face.

In songwriting, what makes a song finished in your opinion.

When I'm content with it and when I know it's going to be delivered to the world exactly as I imagined it in my head.