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may 2021

Determined to not jeopardize the quality of music for the sake of fitting the mold.



The fellowship of the characters of the mid-20th century literary piece Knights of the Round Table sat equidistant from one another, signifying equality. Perhaps no other Sudanese group embodies the same core values. We reached out to founding-member Aidy 'Proof' to check on how these knights of rap are keeping amid the global climate.

How are you guys doing amidst the pandemic?

Relatively well. I was lucky enough to not have to quarantine too much based on my travels to Sudan and Zanzibar. It affected our work as musicians but my personal life has been ok. We couldn’t do shows we were booked for in several countries.

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Please introduce yourselves? What is the Cirxle? The C!rcle or The Cirxle?

The C!rcle (spelled thecirxle on IG due to limitation on typing characters “!” in names ) is a group/creative collective that currently consists of 4 members based in various places from the USA to the UK and Sudan. The group was created by myself (Aidyproof ) with at the time a total of 7 members of which 4 remain. It’s myself and Eaz Da Bully (who is my relative) and Aka Keyz and G-Salih.

7 members of which 4 remain

What is the core message of your songs?

learn and grow. No changes can come by just being sheep and blindly following the masses. Be yourself and be confident that if someone else can achieve it so can you.

What is it that you guys do together outside of music?

We watch Turkish series like Ertugrul and Osman. We play video games. We watch soccer matches. We party. We pray together. We travel together sometimes too.


Most memorable project?

We put together a show in Sudan after the revolution where we brought out Bas, Gaidaa, Sammany, Flippter, young justice artists and many more in a crowd that had never experienced such a display. That was the most exciting thing we did as a group.

Biggest challenge that you guys faced as a group and how did you overcome it?

members leaving was a challenge but we deal with it by reminding ourselves what our mission is and that the group will always be bigger than any one person. It’s what keeps us grounded and on our path able to put egos aside.


Who is the clown in the group?

That’s a tough one. I crack the most jokes but mine are dry and sarcastic. Keyz probably is the biggest clown. His energy and laughter make for good comic relief.

Biggest dream as a group?

World tours

Determined to not jeopardize the quality of music for the sake of fitting the mold.

This is a great statement. Can you please expound on this?

We believe in good things take time and not cutting corners on the path to greatness. Working around J Cole and being close friends over the years, I saw that he was not willing to sell out and was determined to do it his way. Never sold his soul. To this day he performs “work out “ bit first gives a speech about how he made that song cause he was hit chasing and isn’t the top songs he’s proud of I don’t think. Even tho it’s a great song. I danced to that joint like a fool!!!