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june 2021

London Boy will offer creative services too and I am so excited for when my brand reaches that stage.


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Looking At The Silver Lining

One of his biggest life challenges was an addiction. London-based music artist Terry Guy opens up and says that the ordeal created a huge life imbalance. "On my 'bad days' I could not concentrate on anything else apart from getting my fix, and this horrible experience was brought on by trauma." And like any music artist, he was able to make good out of the experience by writing a song about it.


"It was released as the second single from my upcoming debut album, and the song was called 'The Dirty Nasty Truth,' a song that Terry is enormously proud of considering the brutal honesty about himself. "I was, lyrically, within the context of the song." Looking back now, he can smile and laugh at the past. The song is available to download and stream from all platforms, including Spotify. A release date is yet to be announced, but his debut album 'Cloud Zero In Society' is set to drop this year.

How are you? Thank you for gracing us with an interview.

As difficult a time as it has been due to the pandemic, I am great. I'm feeling even better because of this interview too. I am a big fan of Musivv as a music publication since they promote such unique music acts, so the pleasure really is all mine in this instance. I cannot thank Musivv enough for their support.

Please tell us a little about yourself.

The forefront of what I do is I'm a music artist. I have been composing music for over 20 years, but it is within the last 11 years that I have been releasing and performing my music. I have recently been creating visual art too i.e., my own lyric and music videos to my songs and I have been a music journalist for the last 4 years, having created content for Neon Music who, as of 2020, made it into the Top 40 music publications in the world. I am proud to be working for them, and I love being a journalist because I, not only love making music, but I love discovering and listening to new music too.

I love being a journalist

Your startup PR agency, how did that come about?

I was lucky to be given the opportunity to become a music journalist, as it was taking on this role that inspired me to set up my own music media brand. I wanted to give music PR work a go! as I got a taste of it from being on the opposite side of the spectrum as a music journalist because I receive press releases all the time, and I have a natural passion to listen to new music. There are so many other creative works which I love to carry out, including making lyric videos and photography, so I thought "why not promote other music acts which I love as well as my own music, professionally," as this could be a new skill which, not only would be a great career move for me, but also one which I would enjoy. So far, so good. I have carried out some campaigns for upcoming music acts which have received a great response from a variety of publications, but there is always room for improvement. This is just the beginning. It also felt right to call my brand London Boy. I am a boy, and I'm from London, so why not? (Laughs).


What are the traits you look for in working with an artist for PR services?

When working to promote music artists or bands who are being managed, I would only carry out this work for people where there is professionalism. I don't see the point in offering my services to those who will be unkind or have negative characteristics. Having a playful ego is fine but there is a fine line and there some who will cross that line and treat the people who are helping them in an appropriate way, and that is where I draw the line. However, not everyone operates in this way. This is just how I operate.

I love what I do

How do you balance being a musician and an entrepreneur?

I do need them days to myself, of course, where I put my feet up, relax, eat good food, pull out the Desperado Reds, watch some manga and play piano, but away from the "me" days I love what I do. The bottom line is that I make the time. It is tough but if one enjoys what they do they will create that balance. I am definitely not saying it is easy for everyone. Right now, I work part-time for an acting school, am completing a Masters in Popular Music, am recording new music and putting as much as work into London Boy as I possibly can. It is a lot to take on, but I love what I do so I make the time. For me, if I create a schedule that I can stick to every week, that creates a healthy balance. Naturally, there are some things that one may have to give up that perhaps aren't as important to them. Therefore, right now everything I am doing in my life is important to me.