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The grit. The grind. Everything in between. All seem like chaff when she strums the guitar strings — with style. Flirting with the glory of both fashion and music, Benedickte Gammelgaard swings to the tune of glam and harmony. The first time she traveled for fashion and music — Philippines and Saudi respectively — was momentous.

"As I was still studying, I didn't properly begin long-term model placements until I was around 23 (which may be late compared to most models), but my time in the Philippines something I'll never forget. I made incredible friends and felt even more connected to my Filipino roots.

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For music, going to Diriyah Season in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, as a busker, was another memorable time for many reasons. But primarily, it felt nothing short of amazing to be officially working as a musician for the first time and to be a part of a change in Saudi that is now providing a bigger platform for females and musicians in general."

What do you think is the correlation between fashion and music?

As we all know, music and fashion are both forms of self-expression, which undoubtedly played a major role in pop culture. Most of us are familiar with the different eras and their link to various musical trends and fashion statements - from 1920's daring flappers to the edgy punks and glam rockers of the 1970s. And although we don't see as many rocking these styles from head to toe and listening to its genre religiously, I feel they're all very much timeless and used as reference and inspiration today. For decades, Music and Fashion have proved to have strongly influenced each other and created a stronger impact together, which generated trends that were quickly admired and taken on by fans and the mainstream media.

Nothing short of amazing!

Who do you look up to in both fashion and music?

Speaking purely about a sense of fashion, I'll be honest and say this is an area I'm still exploring for myself and not 100% confident in. I feel that for many years I have been inspired by various sources and simply just chosen to go with what I believe I'd feel both comfortable and beautiful in. However, growing up in Dubai, fortunately, I was surrounded by many passionate people in the fashion and music industry that I could both cheer on and learn from directly. A good example would be my partner and brother-in-law, who started a band together. I followed and watched this band evolve throughout the years, and so they naturally all became artists whose drive and talent I could admire and look up to.

How do you feel about the recognition you receive from people about your music?

The recognition I've gotten and continue to receive regarding the music I put out is incredibly significant to me. I'll always remember the first time I posted a video of myself playing and singing an original in the back of my car, and being completely taken aback by the response I received. Embracing vulnerability and putting a part of oneself out there for the world to see is already quite challenging for me, so to read the words of encouragement under my videos never fails to warm my heart and keep me motivated.



Any song you're currently working on?

I have yet to release my single as I was in the midst of the recording process with musician/producer and friend, Lucas McCone when the pandemic hit, and I had to put it all on pause. But the song is about my partner that I started dating the beginning of 2017. We both were confident in our feelings for one another but agreed we wanted to take things slow. So the song takes one through different points in our relationship - from us as friends working across one another, to him traveling across the oceans to visit me, and always being there to support and motivate me in everything that I do.

We wanted to take things slow

How would you describe your sense of fashion?

I'd describe it as mostly laid-back and casual. On days I am modeling, I'll be required to take them off and wear different clothes anyway, so I tend to go for quite easy looks. However, I do love dressing up when I get the chance - as well as thrift shopping and finding sustainable pieces!

Any funny/embarrassing moment?

I remember during one of my first open mic nights, I had brought my lyrics and chords with me on my phone, but just as I got up on stage ready to perform, the tabs disappeared, and I wasn't able to reload it. Being pressured by the time, I decided to play just from memory - which can be awful when nerves kick in - but I forgot a whole chunk of lyrics and just made up some of my own. I'm pretty sure I sang some swear words...oops.ender