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march 2021

I want those who listen to my music to know they're significant - that they matter. I want them to feel seen and heard.



Sterling Alexander has gone a long way with the release of his latest EP 'Immortals' proven by the comparably strong musical growth from his first release. What sets his music apart? The theater actor reveals it is his writing style. Having been educated at The Art Institute of California - Hollywood, his tendency to see things cinematically becomes evident when he writes a song. Sterling already foresees in his mind how the coinciding video will visually capture his audience. He is particularly focused on "delivering a story that can be heard, seen, and ultimately felt." In a musivv interview, Sterling bares his heart, soul and mind.

How are you? Thank you for gracing us with an interview.

I'm well, thank you. And thank you for having me. It's humbling.

Your latest single, what is it about and what was the process involved in getting it to a "release" stage?

My latest single is off of the EP of the same name entitled: 'Immortals.' 'Immortals' is, in essence, really an exploration of love. What if two people shared a bond, shared a love so deep, so connected, that it ceased to merely stand the test of time, but shattered time itself?

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Two become immortals because of the love they share. The process of writing the song was beyond fun. Myself and my team, we push ourselves lyrically and melodically, so the song went through iterations. We're grateful for how it turned out, and even more grateful for its reception thus far.

In-tune: On His Recent Mental Health Journey

I struggled with mental health in 2020 (as did many others), and I found myself, after much struggle with depression and isolation, the survivor of what's called an aborted suicide attempt. I checked myself into an institution overnight in an attempt to not be a harm to myself. After that, I sought counseling. Isolation's a terrible thing. Did I have people in my corner? Yes. Did I believe it/reach out for help? I didn't.

Upon seeking help and being open with my story first with those whom I'd consider closest to me, I found that I wasn't alone, and people were waiting to hold me up the same way I try to be there for others. The experience has been incredibly healing and freeing. To anyone struggling I'd first say: You're not alone. Secondly, it's okay to be not ok. Thirdly, reach out. It's very tough, it's not glamorous, and it's outright petrifying, but the results will see you whole and thriving. All of that being said, my focus this year is simply on being genuine, and being kind. I want to be open, and I want to love people well.

It's okay to be not okay


I want those who listen to my music to know they're significant - that they matter. I want them to feel seen and heard. I want them to feel identified feel understood. I want to bring a provocation of thought to grow and change for the better, and I want to bring healing. Those are the journeys I want to take the listeners on.


What do you think makes a good song?

Goodness...that's tough! I think any writer would understand the mechanics and "rules" of songwriting if you will, so I'll go straight for the heart: I think what makes a song good is the truth. Truth straight from the soul of the artist, be it experience, emotion, or emotional experience. That's what captivates the listener. Good vibes with the underlying music, and truth from the artist. Authenticity through and through.

Truth from the artist

Take us through those first moments of you writing your first song ever.

(Laughs)oh gosh. So my first song ever was slightly horrible. I understood nothing about mechanics. The melodies were all over the place. But the idea was there. I can at least say that (laughs). The first batch of songs I gave to a trusted friend/producer...he recommended a podcast for songwriters...that's how not good they were.

Any last message?

I'm humbled and grateful that you would provide a space wherein I can share my stories and my passions. Thank you so much, and I hope you enjoy the journey. If I could eradicate anything from the world today, it'd be the institution of orphanages, because every child would have a home. They'd have a family. People that loved them, supported them, believed in them and sowed into them.