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september 2021

“Never let 'em know your next move. Don't you know Bad Boys move in silence and violence?” (laughs)


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Unleash The Beats

Abu Dhabi raised Sudanese MC Shadi Elfatih started playing around verse writing at a young age. Although these attempts did not bloom to become full-on songs, he wrote verses that had "dope punchlines" with an emphasis on reeling the crowd in. Known in his younger years as a battle rapper, the verse-maker was also the MC at a local basketball and skatepark Baynunah. Shadi left for Malaysia to pursue a degree in engineering and telecommunication but while he was excellent academically, he found no real passion for it. His return to the UAE started a journey to pursue his passion. With a Bachelor's Degree in Sound Engineering and Music Production under his belt, the rest was history: O3 productions (MBC), Twofour54, Fujairah TV, and Pop Arabia, Alaan TV in 2017 as a sound engineer, and in late 2018 his first pilot as a tv presenter gaining accolades from in and around the industry. This series of events brought 'Shadi Unleashed' to life: An event-based show covering events in an entertaining, modern and unique fashion. From the style of presentation to the different way the show is shot, Shadi believes the show is positioned to be at the forefront of television entertainment. A Ramadan show in 2021 with Reebok called 'KONNECT' focused on fitness and a healthy lifestyle was a notable experience to showcase Shadi's "chops as a host in full English" as most of his previous experiences were in Arabic television.


How have you been? Thank you for this opportunity.

I’ve been great, thank you for having me. It’s a pleasure.

How has the pandemic affected your show?

Oh, man! The pandemic was brutal on my show as it’s event-based. I need to deliver an episode weekly, and it has to be at s dope event. In an amazing city like Dubai where there are dope events almost every day/night and a dope event for sure on the weekend that was perfect for my show. But when the pandemic hit there were no events. Everything that had to do anything with crowds had to be halted. And I was also worried for my team and myself and our families so the best decision was to stop shooting for a while. If you notice the first 2 episodes of 'Shadi Unleashed' Season 2 are totally different from the last 7 that were shot after the pandemic.

The pandemic was brutal on my show

What inspired you to start a radio show? Tell us more about that.

The Arabic Hip-hop scene. The Arabic Hip-hop scene has been ablaze of late, the quality of production, engineering, lyricism, and flow are top-notch and the following is becoming bigger and wider. I always want to do things that I love and would be passionate about, and Hip-hop, in general, has been a passion of mine since I was a toddler. That’s how 'Shino Hip Hop with Shadi' came into life.

Between being an artist and presenting artists, which one gives you a greater sense of fulfillment?

Definitely, the latter. I feel like when I was younger I wanted to be the center of attention but as I’m growing into my true self more, I get more fulfillment from shedding light on others.

The Best...

Drake or Kanye?

Kanye is in my top 3 producer list. He might be my favorite producer ever. I feel like he set the sound for music in the past 10 years. Traceback to '808’s & Heartbreak' and compare it to today. That album was released in 2008, more than a decade ago. Before that, he influenced the sound of Hip-hop with his soul-sampling beats. 'Graduation' is my favorite Ye album, MBDTF untouchable work of art. Classic after classic and hit after hit with Jay Z and many others with a host of Grammies and awards.

Drake is an all-time talent. He's an incredible two-headed spear. His singing and songwriting abilities make him one of the best to ever do it. I listen to more Drake recently, but both of them are always on my playlist and have been for a long time.


Best interview you did and with who?

Khabib Nurmagomedov. I spoke to Khabib in the UFC 242 post-fight press conference as I was covering the event for 'Shadi Unleashed.' Khabib only fought once after that fight so it was a special interview for me.

What's your song collaboration process like?

I don’t really make music for myself. I write with artists when I’m engineering songs for them. For myself, I write poetry or spoken word. I honestly write whenever I get the inspiration. Sometimes at the barbershop when I’m waiting to get my hair braided or so.

The very first song you wrote, what was it about?

Let the music set you free.

What would you like to be remembered for in the music field?

An MC, a host, a battle rapper, producer, sound engineer, ghostwriter.

Let the music set you free.

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