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january 2021

We are all different and have our own opinions and values but it is so important to open our eyes to others as well.


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Singin' It With Sass

Stars use technology aka Instagram "to stay relevant, to give their fans updates, to show that they’re still current,” according to an Instagram account that tracks celebrity outfits. It’s no longer enough for a musician to release an album every four years. Fans—or followers—overstimulated by modern mediascape will forget about them and move onto whoever is scaling the weekly Spotify charts. Outfit posts can sate an impatient, distracted fan base. At least up to a point: For every Instagram comment praising an artist's “drip” another begs an album release.


Sassy singer, songwriter, influencer, and vlogger, Sandra Sahi uses the marriage between technology, fashion, and music to her advantage. Unlike the release of traditional CDs in history, online streaming today served as a perfect channel for Sandra to showcase her work with trending singles on Youtube such as ‘Infinity’ and ‘Celebrating Love’ garnering over 881K subscribers.

Born and raised in Belgium, with Iraqi roots; Sandra is currently based in Dubai for over 8 years. Assiduous, passionate, and full of life, this 21-year-old discovered her passion for singing at the young age of 6 and has continued in that direction ever since. Sandra started her career by singing covers and eventually made a debut with her original song at the age of 17. She has been steadily releasing singles building towards her releasing an album.

Quizzing this resilient singer about her most memorable performance, Sandra recalls it being a concert with VeraXB exclaiming that it was her very first performance with a dense and jovial crowd, with multiple song sequences and dances.

With ‘Ya Hayati,' Sandra introduces the world to Oriental Pop which was released on her Youtube channel last year, which soon crossed over 1.4 million views. Being Iraqi and a Belgian helped her develop a unique tune by incorporating Arabic vocals into English pop and the audience received this twist openly with much appreciation. Unwrapping her big projects, she reveals to be combining French in her upcoming songs as well. Her musical sense of multiculturalism makes Sandra a complete package with a flavor for everyone.

I manage my time


Sandra’s rock support has always been her family, especially her parents. She expresses that, “Inspiration does not necessarily have to come from someone famous who you look up to.” Her inspiration comes from the close-knit people who have stood by her since day one.


As a self-managed artist, Sandra can freely allot her time to connect with her followers while she brews her next big hit. Challenges are mere hurdles that stand in our path, to test our resolve and determination towards making our dreams come true. Though Sandra acknowledges not facing many push backs so far, there have always been critics trying to topple her. Sandra has learned to consider constructive criticism and let go of censure. In this period of blooming creativity, Sandra feels that UAE’s music industry is still missing women doing their ‘thing’. Women have a huge place in the industry, and this could only be filled with more of them singing, rapping, and rocking the music sector.

I started off with passion

Curious to know what would have been this songstress’s alternate profession, Sandra swiftly answers to have possibly landed in the field of advertising and marketing; disclosing being a part-time student herself. Being steady in the career with an electrifying presence on social media, Sandra is proud of her feats yet she does not let fame befuddle her, but she counters it by keeping a close circle of people that keep her grounded. Deep appreciation and thankfulness succor our pop icon stays level-headed and humble.

She believes in passionately working towards her goals. “I started off with passion, “ Sandra emphasizes, “and when you start off with passion, it will keep on being a passion forever.”