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Khaled had no intention of being a professional singer from the get-go. His sister discovered his talent while "cooking [some] breakfast." Later on, his friends also noticed his knack for carrying a tune and witnessed his Alexandria Opera House performance years after. "During the days of the Egyptian revolution in 2011, I wrote a song expressing love for my country." Khaled never looked back and has been writing songs after songs ever since and intends to do so.

While the majority of people in the Arab community believe that work should only be what is considered official [vocations] like medicine or engineering, Khaled chose a different path. "I did not find myself and my soul in those fields." He claims that he found richness, representation and fulfillment in art and music. "The first jamming with my band at Alex Studios, the musician in me felt beauty within." From then on, he was convinced and decided "I am an artist and this will be my career."

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Trying to convince his family and society in general that music and art can be a profession was one of the biggest hurdles Khaled had to face. "Every day I challenged myself to reach a better level until I noticed great improvement. Then I challenge myself again to reach farther and farther to another level." After gaining success because of hard work and determination, he felt the respect he gained from his family and the people around him.

I challenge myself again to reach farther and farther

What’s the core message of your songs?

The main message is that art is a great thing that makes a person more beautiful. I prefer to sing and produce music for Arab music, which represents our identity and personality to the world.

Do you think culture influences music or the other way around?

Music and culture have a total impact on human personality, even if one is unaware of it. When I lived in Egypt, my music was in one form and here in the Emirates it had another form. I could be singing the same thing but my musical tendencies resulted in something different. Another example is people who listen to underground music in the Arab world. You will notice that their ideas, clothes, and their small community have another form of commercial or eastern music, and this is a natural influence.

Do you believe that music crosses cultural barriers?

The relationship between culture and music wonderful. For example, I do not speak a certain language and another person as well, but the meeting point [or common ground] is in the music. I love Russian music and I have Greek friends who love Emirati and Egyptian music, and we may not understand the lyrics but we feel the music.

Any significant award received? How did it feel?

When I received my first award for 'Best Singer' in 2016 at the Independent Film Festival in Luxor, it was something very special. I felt then that I was on the right path. Generally, my family was proud of me. This is the greatest thing. And of course, the beautiful psychological feeling that I am doing something I love convinced people of my talent. This was a strong motivation for me to continue and push to achieve my ambitions.

khaled el ariny interview


Biggest dream as an artist?

My dream is to become one of the most significant Arab artists who have influenced generations. In general, develop music projects and communicate purposeful ideas in a simple way that all people will love. The Emirati song is very distinct in the Arab region.

khaled el ariny
do not despair

What message would you want to say to aspiring Arabic musicians?

I hope to see all of you in the best condition. "Try and try until you die." Do not despair, you are artists and you will become one of the most important figures in the Arab world. I would like to thank you for that interesting dialogue, and I would be very happy if some musicians here in the Emirates have been given an opportunity through you, to produce a distinguished music work that represents the United Arab Emirates and the Arabs and sends a positive spirit in everyone’s hearts. ender