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april 2021

I think the music industry in Dubai is going in the right direction at the moment, slowly but steadily for sure, there's still a lot of potential, that's super clear, it just needs the push it deserves to get to the point it should be.


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On A Mission Control

As you already know, I go by the name of "Ctrl.", born and raised in the UAE, but Pakistani by blood. In the MENA scene, I'm one of the well-known and recognized producers. Almost 22 years young and aiming to get a lot of stuff done in the coming years with regards to music. I'm the producer who released a 21-track album featuring the most relevant and amazing artists of the UAE. Furthermore, I've worked and collaborated with a lot of artists, coming up with a total of 5 "Chapters" in the form of EP's with certain artists, but to find out who they exactly are, you'll just have to let time do its thing.



I started producing and making beats back in 2015, I remember seeing Adam (Sizer) putting songs on Soundcloud, it was around that time that I started creating on FL studio. Been rocking FL 11 ever since and I'll probably never update that. But when it comes to getting to the part of creating my own "sound", that took a lot of practice and a lot of beats, I probably have 100's of spare beats sitting in my laptop right now that are completely garbage, but what can I say, its part of the process. So, I would say around 2018 I saw some progress in my production and started working with artists like Young Gaby (No Kizzy), Sizer and more. Gaby and I released an EP in the same year called "Floss Boi The Intro". After that, I kept working, making beats for other artists and grew my connections heavily and now, in 2020, I started creating my own music and started releasing music on all digital platforms.

With the debut single being 'Invicta,' which is still one of the people's favorite. Moving on, I dropped a few more singles after that debut and that led to the debut album 'Under Control' which featured around 23 people from the region. I have a lot of plans ready for 2021, you'll be getting a lot of music and chapters this year.

Go, No-go!

When I decide to work with an artist, I don't really have a hard time picking out people because I want to be able to work with anyone and everyone ONLY if they're serious about their work and not doing it just for the heck of it. I love to work with whoever I get the chance with as I learn a lot myself as well at the same time from that experience.

So Stay On The Lookout!


Mayhem - Sizer

I had produced 2 songs on there called "Advance" that featured Faithguy and "Old News". Working on that project was a lot of fun as far as I can remember and that's the point where my practice was starting to take off, because if you go listen to that album even now, it still hits, easily a classic.

Floss Boi The Intro EP - Young Gaby (No Kizzy)

It was my first time executively producing a project and having someone to trust me to do that was a crazy feeling, another classic as well, even got a song performed on stage at RedFest

Sides, Ombre & Take Care from 'Sefurcita' - TFG

Producing those were a lot of fun because I was still experimenting with my sound at the time and all those 3 beats were very different. I remember traveling at the time as well, working on the plane on the beat of "Take Care". These projects are special to me as they were my chances to showcase my sound and the people I worked with on these projects are amazing too.



What really got me into music was myself honestly, I used to listen to and enjoy music from the age of 4, and in my early teens, Eminem, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Akon and that era was a big, big influence. But yeah, to get up and actually get FL and start making beats, I did that on my own out of passion and love for music and the power it holds. I knew I wanted to do it because I'm a very creative person so its also a way for me to vent and express myself, and that's the best way for me to do it artistically, so that's the thought process behind why I wanted to start producing and make a career out of it. Of course, the form of inspiration keeps changing, now I've got a beautiful woman by my side, got a whole new group of producers and as a collective; we are called Svnbirds and many other factors that bring out an artistic push.

inspiration keeps changing


I usually sit down when I feel inspired, or in the mood to actually get something done. I start off with creating a melody or sampling something. Once that is down and sorted, I start working on the drums. Make sure the 808's and kicks knock. Then I start mixing and mastering, then end the session off with layering/arrangement.


(explicit) I can't focus a lot in the mornings, I usually sit down when the sun sits down as well, I don't know why I tend to get more creative at night and enjoy working in a dark space. I'd love to work with a couple of people actually, as a producer I want to work with Wheezy & Jetsonmade, but if we talking about artists, then it would be Big Sean, Drake, Don Toliver, Jack Harlow and many many more.