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may 2021

Invest in yourself, if you can't or don't believe in yourself enough to invest or take a risk on YOURSELF, how can you expect others to?


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To The Next Verse

He started his journey as a young DJ following his older brother's footsteps, Amin aka MiKnow: A teacher and mentor, the reason Osama 'Verse-Atile' Hussain fell in love with music in the first place. From there it became a hobby. While others spent their youth in gaming, Osama was banging out beats and learning how to use software and hardware by reading the manuals. Before YouTube existed days around 1996-98, this hobby turned into a passion. By 2001 he was telling everyone that this will one day be his full-time job. He spun the turntables on every school event and produced every musical talent in his school.


"Summer of 2008 I met Ben Cristovao while hanging out in Prague with my cousin Abdu. Fast forward two years later he was coming off of the local Idols Competition with his debut album my business partner Charles and I." This marked the beginning and transition from a hobby to a calling.

How has music life been amidst the pandemic?

Honestly, I've been blessed, I've already been working from home for more than 5 years so I was lo'key ready for this. If I'm going to be stuck at home it doesn't hurt that home has a studio. Obviously, we've had to adjust in terms of how we work together, my clients and I, but we've been able to make it work. "Mashallah, the internet is a blessing"

What's your production process?

Every song has its own approach, it all comes down to "are we producing an already written song, that the writer or artist has already written on guitar or piano or something? Or are we building a new idea from scratch?" Once that is established we just roll with the vibe.

Sometimes the melody idea comes first, other times a drum sequence will spark the idea, it could even be something as simple as a particular sound or instrument that drives the mood. I'm a big believer in just going with the flow and not forcing the vibe.

What do you look for in a potential project?

Energy, energy, energy, and work ethic/drive. Yes, talent is important, but for me energy is everything. We live in the modern age of production where even the average singer can make an amazing song using the tools available to us today. With that in mind, I always look for someone with the right energy and work ethic. Anyone willing to put in the work and grind to get it right is an artist that will inspire me and make me want to work with them.

Yes, talent is important, but for me energy is everything


Ben Cristovao

This artist is special to me as helped give birth to the career that I have today. Ben's personality is ever-changing and with that comes the challenge of always having to evolve as his producer to create a new sound for him as he grows and changes as an artist. Love his high-energy vibes and his performances are always mind-blowing.


For me, Acey was the first artist to bring me back to the MENA region, which is my home. Being originally from Sudan, reconnecting with the MENA region means the world to me and I have Acey to thank for that. In the studio he is a lot of fun, he's not afraid to be goofy and just be himself while fully enjoying the moment.


This is a fairly new project that has brought new challenges and pushed me to think outside my box. Txc was a videographer who had a passion for music, and his project came out of him simply just wanting to try it. I was like why not, let's do it and the results so far have been fun and surpassed my expectations.


Biggest lesson learned in music production.

Get some sleep! Tt's really easy to get lost in the sauce, and with the crazy hours that we often keep both as producers and artists, it's easy to find yourself not sleeping enough. Take care of yourself so that you can deliver, perform and be your best at all times.

Get some sleep!

What do you think of the music industry in Dubai?

I'm loving how fast the industry in Dubai is growing. The nature of the city makes it possible to see a melting pot of styles and cultures coming together and fusing into a hybrid sound. I look forward to seeing it become the hub and center of music and culture for the MENA region, driving innovation in the music industry.

Among the big names who would like to work with?

This is a hard one to answer but if I had to choose I think the Weeknd would definitely be my first choice. Been a fan of his work since House of Balloons and he's the closest thing to MJ I can get today.