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march 2021

Everything does happen for a reason, so worry less about things that maybe aren't working out right now because it'll come around.



UAE-based 18-year-old Ollie Chapman is an established and passionate performer! Singing his heart out and bashing away at his guitar, Ollie has performed at many high-profile venues, including Burj Khalifa Park, RedFest DXB, as the headline support act, and the Formula 1 Grand Prix! He has opened up for several major artists, including Stormzy, Noah Cyrus, and Machine Gun Kelly, in festivals across the country! Ollie is always looking for opportunities to perform and is constantly writing more music! musivv reached out to see how the young musician is after releasing 'Telephone.'

When did you start singing?

For as long as I've had sisters I can remember singing! Belting out to Bruno Mars' 'Grenade' in the back of the car! Trips on the way back from my Grandma's were especially loud! Les Miserables! Mamma Mia! Pink Floyd! Queen! Cheap Trick! Meat Loaf! All my dad's favorite classics!

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Who inspired you to become a singer at a young age?

Growing up in such a supportive family, I've always been encouraged to try anything new, from music to martial arts! I always felt more mature than a lot of my friends throughout my earlier school life, and so music became my best friend. Mum and Dad have taught me so many lessons and have supported me every step of the way with all the decisions I make!

I dream of being one of the most diverse artists on the planet one day, and to be someone who brings life and spirit to all my performances! I'm really proud to feel in a position to create anything that I believe in with full creative control!

What genre of music would you want to be known for? Or are you still finding out what direction you're going for?

Commercially, having a direction and a sound associated with the artist is expected, as it works for sales. For my music, diversity is where I'd like to find my place. I am so proud that I can be inspired by so many different sounds, and be unafraid of making ugly noises and mistakes, because this way, I won't find myself trapped in a box built for the sales.

unafraid of making mistakes


What message would you generally like to sing about in the songs you write about?

I love following different narratives in writing the music because it keeps the song fresh - I have no idea what lyric is coming next which could switch up the entire storyline and kill off the main character. The moment a song starts becoming predictable means that I've lost my passion for it and just want to move on.

What do you aspire to be someday (apart from being a professional singer)?

I aspire to be someone who brings up those around them, someone who explores space and sound, someone who teaches the world to meditate and focus on self-actualization and happiness. I want to explore and appreciate planet earth whilst helping the world develop its technology.


What's the biggest singing contest you've joined?

The biggest singing contest I've joined was Virgin Radio DXB's 'School Stars' competition, which I was fortunate enough to come first in and be offered the opportunity to support major international artists such as Stormzy and Machine Gun Kelly in RedFest DXB, one of the largest festivals in the Middle East.

someone who explores space

What's your biggest accomplishment/award so far?

Performing on the mainstage at the Formula One Grand Prix was epic! It was a fantastic experience, with my family around me! I was also so proud to have been awarded the Composers Award by H.H Sheikh Saeed Bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan at the Al Ain Music Festival, alongside being recognized as one of the top 7 Upcoming Artists by Gulf News! I am incredibly proud of everything that I've achieved. I love performing and chatting about my recent creations on national radio stations, in the hope that I can inspire others to push for their passions!