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march 2021

Nobody, we never saw anyone like us at least in our scene, but we would love to see more groups like us.


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Creating The Sound Of The Youth

It is stating the obvious to claim that music and dance are intimately related. They share time-based forms and form as a sequence of movement. In dance, movements are articulated through the actions and presence of bodies in physical space. In music, movements are of an auditory and metaphorical reality. A melody is a sounding display: movement we feel when we hear melody going from one point in pitch space to another. Something comparable happens when we hear a regular pulse and start synchronising with it, which implies that we start predicting the next beat in the pulse and prepare our bodies to act or dance on or against this beat. This rap-dance group does both. Meet NM1.


How did the group form?

Nm1 was not the first group that we formed we had like 3 groups before but it vanished because the members of the past groups didn't believe in the idea so that left Mickey and Nineteen to ground zero and then we told ourselves this time it will work and then in 2016 we've met As per Casper band in F1 Zone event in Abu Dhabi and she introduced us to the music scene through Go Play The World open mics nights and from there the group was formed by the end of 2017.

this time it will work

Who came up with the idea of forming a rap/dance group?

Honestly, it wasn't planned or anything me Ahmed aka Nineteen and Ibrahim aka Mickey are duo rappers then some of our friends introduced Islam aka Esoo to us and he was an independent dancer, it was December 2017, then we asked him if he would like to join us and he joined then. A few years later 2019 we met Adam and asked him to join and he said "Yes" that's how the rap/dance idea formed.

Among the many talented local artists who would you love to work with?

Michele, Chris Ishak, Shebani, Freektv, Moh Flow, Mjeezy, As Per Casper.


In terms of lyrics do you sit and write together or is it like "the rappers rap and the dancers dance" do-your-own kind of thing?

You can say it like that. Rappers do their thing and dancers do their thing but sometimes we help each other like dancers suggest a type of music sometimes and we also as rappers sometimes ask for their help to spot shooting locations.

The first song you guys released, what's it about? Take us through the process

The first song, oh god, it was about our lifestyle at the age of 16-18 like how we used to hang out and where we wanted to be there's a lot in that song that now, doesn't make any sense to us. When we released it the goal was to post it then maybe laugh at it when we reach our 50s it was nothing serious but here, we are. The process was funny because we never had any actual gear to record, we used smartphone headphones and a program called mix craft we literally put our voices into the beat and the next day a music video: 3 days 1 song.


Any Arabic project in the works?

Yes, we are planning to collaborate with a lot of artists, 2021 will be filled with music and dance videos, we said it before, 2021 will be our playground, stay tuned.

Any message to aspiring groups?

Keep it up and don't let anyone break you down. Your voice matters, you matter!

Tell us something unique about you individually. Anyone who swallows a sword for a side talent?

The thing that makes Mickey unique that he works on everything and anything from shooting to mixing and mastering. Nineteen started learning piano in the mall just because a security guard was mocking him and now, he composes music so thank you security. Adam's unique power is somehow he can maintain calm in the most stressful situations. Esoo is a good soccer player.

The serious person is Mickey and the funny guy is Nineteen.