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Award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter Sofia Evangelina's journey would seem like a seasoned artist's bio at first glance. She has gone where others only dream of. Winner of Talent Inc Canada’s overall talent in 2014 and received the scholarship the following year where she won gold. She was TeenFest Award's 'Best Singer' in 2016.

Her list of awards includes The Mic Awards' 'Best R&B Record of the Year,' Joey's Awards' 'Best Music Video,' and LA Music Critics' 'Rising Star Award' amongst many others. Sofia's work was recognized by Young Artist Academy in Hollywood as 'Best Album' in July 2019.

musivv reached out to 17-year-old Sofia go see what's new with this old soul fused with a futuristic/urban mindset.

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When did you start singing?

I probably started singing in the womb, haha! I had a knack for performing from the earliest times that I can remember, perhaps since I was a toddler. I sung and danced in front of the mirror everyday and loved to entertain random audiences when we were out and about from our rural house. The more people gathered around me, the better I felt! I started taking my first singing lessons at the age of 5. I then had a short break because of the sports that I was involved in and then I restarted lessons when I was 7. That's when I began to take it quite seriously.

I have fallen in love with music

Who inspired you?

My mom got me the movie 'Burlesque' - still one of my favorites. Man oh man! The moment I heard Christina sing 'Something’s Gotta Hold On Me,' that was it! I felt like my heart jumped out of my chest! It appealed to me on so many levels, it was like me singing through her!

What is your biggest dream as a singer?

My dream as a singer is to become a virtuoso vocalist, using my range, vocal skills, lyrics and emotions to tell powerful stories. I aspire to become the most dynamic and show-stopping performer, giving my all to my audiences. I want to touch and empower people with the songs that I write. Most of all, my biggest dream as a singer and as a person, is to use my voice to create an impact in people’s lives.

What is the theme of the songs you write?

I write empowering songs that mean something to me, songs that represent what I go through in life, how I endure, overcome and forever resist to be tamed. I know that people face obstacles and tough times all over the world, I want my music to hand them the torch, to give them the power to lead a life of strength, on their terms. At the same time, I am a girl first, a happy (sometimes dramatic) teenage girl. I am excited by the world around me, infatuated and inspired by so many things! There is an overwhelming and never-ending amount of emotions, feelings and stories that I cannot stop writing about. Yes, including boys!

I am such an adrenaline seeker, I used to be a pro extreme sports athlete and I spent much of my time “flying” in the sky, and there is no freer feeling. I would also want to have a magic wand that spreads love… but that would probably be my superhero accessory, right? (winks)


What do you aspire to be someday (apart from being a professional singer/actor)?

I love acting and modeling and always have. I look forward to undertaking empowering and challenging roles as an actress and am excited to become a future figure of fashion and a trendsetter. I dream to become a philanthropist with multi-organizations that I’ve planned since I was 5. I want to use my platform as an artist to create a longstanding brand with unique branches, including fashion and makeup, therefore I am a businesswoman in the making as well.

I want to be a trendsetter

Any message you want to say to your parents?

Mama, you know this, you are my idol, my hero, my best friend and the most beautiful human being I’ve ever known! I am so blessed to have you as my mother and I’m eternally grateful for the love you have for me and the belief you have bestowed upon me. Everything I am is because of you. Daddy, you are the force behind us. I appreciate you and your tender heart so much, your love, your support, and belief in me have granted me the wings to fly, and I am forever grateful for you.

Any message you want to tell kids nowadays?

Dream your wildest dream, and then create a plan that will transform that dream into your reality.