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Dubai-based French singer/dancer Eva Giudice juggles between dancing, singing, and high school life at Lycée International George Pompidou. She hones her skills and talents at My Music Head school with Isabel Cañada as her vocal coach. With sheer determination, Eva defies the odds to try to achieve her dreams and goals as she claims that "music is life." In every bad moment, music gives her the motivation to rise above adversity.

She loves her studies as much as she does her artistic side–an admirable character young kids nowadays can emulate. Eva started singing on stage early on in her 16 years of existence. Her love for music, however, has always been innate and recalls humming a chorus or two when she was as young as three. When she was 8 years old, she found herself on stage for her first show, upon the recommendation and encouragement of her primary teacher.

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She will never forget the feeling that as soon as she held the mic, everything else around her faded–the crowd staring and the criticisms. Offstage, she's a regular person. Let's get to know her more.

Who inspired you to become a singer at a young age?

When I was young my “idol” was Celine Dion. When I saw how she performed "My Heart Will Go On," I admired her since. I wanted to sing like her and just be able to express my emotions in each lyric of a song. I also think that Whitney Houston inspired me as well, she still does! Like she has so much to express and her powerful voice pierces us.

We have one life to live

What is your biggest dream as a singer?

I don’t really have a dream as a singer. I just want to continue to live through each song that I sing and express myself. I always dream of meeting big stars and sing with someone like Celine Dion.

What genre of music would you want to be known for? Or are you still finding out what direction you’re going for?

I want to be known for pop music. I can not imagine myself in another genre.

If you will be granted one superpower, what would it be and why?

Teleportation. Imagine being able to travel all over the world without any effort, going anywhere at any time I think it would be great!

What do you aspire to be someday (apart from being a professional singer)?

I really want to become an engineer in microtechnology. It has been my long-time dream. When I think, though, that I have only one life to live, I'm hoping I can be both a singer and a scientist too. I really would like to combine these two futures. And also be a Youtuber (laughs)!


What’s the biggest singing contest you’ve joined?

I have not yet participated in singing competitions but I plan to participate in “The Voice” in France. However, I sang in major events: a choir for the French President of Republic Emmanuel Macron. I also sang solo for the Gulf and soccer junior games in front of the French Ambassador. Probably the best experience of my life was when I represented my school when I sang at “La Perle” by Dragone for the event "Voice of Tolerance."

Any message you want to say to your parents?

I would like to thank my parents for all the efforts, the time and patience they have given me. They help and encourage me day by day to achieve my dreams. I love you very much. Thanks to my two sisters, I love you so much.

I want to join "The Voice" France

Any message you want to tell kids nowadays?

I think you have to follow your heart and do everything to make your dreams come true. We only have one life to live. If you want to do several things that you are passionate about, go for it. Do not be afraid of negative criticisms. Be yourself.