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Her voice is a cross-over between Tony Braxton and Dua Lipa. 17-year-old Toronto-based singer-songwriter, Cmagic5 has her hands full. Juggling between school and music has never been easy but her passion for inspiring people through music keeps her going the extra mile. Her perspective in life is remarkable. While other young singers are focused on getting what they can from music, 'CM5' is already giving back — and she's only getting started.

Cmagic5 is the only child of Portuguese parents who lived in Dubai for economic reasons and moved to Canada shortly after she was born. They vividly remember how their daughter started singing when she was three years old and started humming before she spoke her first words. "I find that really amazing. Music always had that special place in my heart for the longest time and that is something I want to have forever," she says.

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Her parents would often find her singing and dancing around the house — like any other child — pretending to be performing on a stage as her parents watch as her sold-out show audience. At a tender age, she knew it wasn't just a hobby but a glimpse of what music passion feels like, something she claims "she wants to do" for the rest of her life.

Music is such a beautiful thing

Wondering what her name means? Cmagic5 claims she came up with it when she was a lot younger. The 'C' is the initial of her first name — teases she might reveal perhaps in the future. '5' is her lucky number being born on the fifth day of the fifth month. 'Magic' is what she hopes people will get to experience through her music. "I believe that music is such a beautiful thing that makes us all feel so many amazing things.


She can talk about her list of influences that made her who she is as an artist, but she proudly says her major influence is her parents. "They have been there for me since day one, supporting me, inspiring me to follow my dreams," she adds. They've seen her perform in every single one of her shows and competitions. "They are my biggest fans."

Bigger Dreams

Without a doubt, Cmagic5 dreams to inspire people through her music and give back in any way she can to the community. "Once I have a bigger platform, I want to open up music schools all around the world for underprivileged kids who don't have access to learning music." According to her, music education is a wonderful tool to have. Her exposure to music therapy and its invaluable aid in mental health drives her to give children a chance to express themselves as artists and pursue their talents. Cmagic5 dreams of offering these pro bono. "Just to let them experience music and let go without inhibitions."

Pop & Rock!

She wants to be known for pop-rock. Incorporating strings of old school vibes with a hint of soul and R&B vocals. "I don't want my music to be predictable. I want it to be as diverse as possible. I have roots in classical music and studied history, harmony, and theory growing up." She wants to be able to use this knowledge in her music to express herself. Once she's able to "win the hearts of fans" then she might be able to "explore more." "I want to make my followers understand me as an artist and my sound." Until then, she'll be "following a certain format" yet still be able to show her artistry.


Song Message

Cmagic5 makes it a point to always incorporate a positive message in her songs — an underlying message of positivity. "I don't want to always go in the direction of heartbreak songs or romantic songs," she says. Her message of inspiration, positivity, and self-empowerment is essential in her materials — a sense of healing no matter what the topic is.

I want to be an ambassador of peace

Magic Wand

She fancies a magic wand that can dispel all the negativity in the world. For now, she believes her magic wand is her music. "You'll never know how many lives it can touch."

"Be an ambassador of peace. Uplift the underprivileged. Give them a platform for their voices to be heard"

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