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While the rest of us humans can not carry a tune to save our dear lives no matter how hard the efforts are, local student/teen artist has been doing it with stellar perfection at an age where others are learning — and are wham bam good at it — Tik Tok.

Alyssa Amber is launching her music career aged just 15, but she’s already been song-writing for five years and performing in public for nearly half her life. This means that despite her age, her debut single ‘Strangers’ has been a long time coming.

‘Strangers’ is a polished, pop-perfect three-minute record that takes in modern-day references and combines them with Alyssa’s carefully curated influences. It came about through an inspirationally perceived scenario that evoked emotional sentiments which she put to lyrics. It conveys a hypothetical heartfelt emotional turmoil which the track captures and people will be able to relate to.

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Listen carefully and you can hear a blend of trap, soul, RnB, pop and various subtle under-currents in the melody and production. The vocals, written and performed by Alyssa, soar and float in all the right places, creating a record that will sound at home on radios and streaming platforms across the world. Those globe-spanning, genre-crossing sounds are a product of her upbringing. Born in London, raised in America and most recently Dubai in the UAE, Alyssa has put her cross-border upbringing to good effect.

a record that will sound at home

Alyssa has been studying music theory and vocals since the age of eight and passed all the exams with top marks from the London based Trinity Rock and Pop Music exam boards.

She’s already performed in London, L.A. and an impromptu gig alongside Virgin Radio Dubai personality Kris Fade. And with her debut single ready to go, she’s got her sights set on following inspirations like Dua Lipa and Lana Del Rey into the pop world.

And with a move as strong as ‘Strangers,’ it’s unlikely she’ll be a stranger to the big time during her career and will undoubtedly excel in the music industry. ender