Time is of the essence. She knows when and when not to. Rising star singer-songwriter Alex Abati sets her own pace as she walks her musical path. A journey that is as young as the breaking dawn.

A passionate young dreamer, 17-year old Spanish artist Alex Abati is taking it slowly but surely in her hopes to one day become a successful singer. Alex lets us in her pondering mind in this melancholic musivv interview.

06:00 - The Break of Dawn

I have always loved singing, ever since I was a child but it was always something surreal to me, a dream, as cliche as it may sound. However, I was a very shy child, I still kind of am nowadays, so it wasn't until a bit more than a year ago that I finally got the confidence to start proper lessons and actually started following my passion.

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09:15 - The Inspirations

Well, I would like to say that music has always run in the family in some kind of way, so I grew up with it always present, which made me love it more. In terms of inspiration, my Dad probably helped the most since he was also a singer at my age. I also met a friend who shared the same passion as I do and helped me gain my confidence so that I was finally able to sing in front of people.


12:30 - The Biggest Dream

This is something that I still haven't fully made up my mind about, in general terms, I would love to be able to live off music. The most important thing for me would probably be:

Make a difference through music

0900: Taste in Music

My music taste is very varied, I listen to all kinds of music. When it comes to singing, however, I tend to prefer pop and ballads maybe even some soft rock.

14:05 - Meeting An Idol

I have several music idols, to be honest, but if I were to meet one of them, I would probably ask them about their own inspiration and what they want to achieve with their music. I would probably freak out a little bit too.

I have always wanted to
experience different moments
in time, so probably something
like time-traveling.

17:25 - Future Aspirations

I would like to be able to influence people positively, just so I can make a change in the world, as little as it may be. Again, it's a very cliché answer but I am a bit afraid of being ordinary so I would like to somehow have a positive impact in the world.


As of now, I haven't really joined many contests aside from a couple of Instagram ones, however maybe in the future, I'll be brave enough to sign up for bigger ones.

18:00 - Current Favourite Song

I don't really have a favorite song, there are so many it is impossible to choose! And it really does depend on my current mood. If I had to answer, the song I have been listening to the most right now is "Read My Mind" by the Killers, one of my favorite bands.

21:30 - About Songwriting

I have started writing several songs, some even almost finished but I haven't really committed to any of them yet. I write about whatever I am feeling at the moment. I always find it hard not to fall into stereotypes.

I want my music to be a bit deeper than stereotypes

23:50 - Parting Message

Probably to make sure that whatever they are set out to study or pursue as a career they enjoy doing. I regret not having the courage to start singing lessons sooner, so I would tell them to avoid letting fear get in the way. ender