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july 2021

Life is short, do not be too hard on yourselves. Look at where you are now and if you have made some form of progress, please take the time to appreciate that.


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His Better Self

Evans Musonda AKA Muzo will not argue whether Madonna still holds the crown for being an icon for both music and fashion or not. But when it comes to his ultimate go-to fashionistas Fally Ipupa & Kanye West are on top of his list and will defend their place in his eyes.

The singer/fashion man confessed that "these two icons are usually on point" when it comes to putting a great outfit together. He adds that his kind of fashion is when someone can say "Well this is different but it looks good." "I think Fally and Ye have the fashion sense that speaks to that."


What do you think is the correlation between fashion and music?

I would say, for the most part, music could transcend the fashion world. The most popular genre at any specific time will take the lead in the fashion world, in my opinion. If we look at the Rock 'n' Roll era and the Hip Hop era, you can clearly see that these two worlds of fashion and music are interdependent. Next time you walk into a clothing store, try to pay attention to the music they are playing, if the store has done its search, the music should give you a sense of connection to the clothing that is being sold.

I can never forget the very first time I heard my song on the radio

Way back in 2009. This was on the biggest radio station in my city, it was magical (laughs). I was 19 years old, so you understand just how exciting this must have been for me.

They say what you wear affects your mood. Do you agree? Or is it the other way around?

I think to a certain extent what you wear does have some form of an impact on your mood but I do not believe this is like some form of universal rule. I do not think it applies to everyone, I think it just depends on what kind of person you are. For some people, if their hair is not done accordingly, that might affect their mood and that’s regardless of what they are wearing. Yes, a good, clean outfit will usually do it for me but that is just a bonus. I like to think that just waking up and being alive is what automatically puts me in a good mood.

What is the core message of your music?

I like to believe my music gives people hope. I like to talk about ideas that keep people dreaming, to keep them “grinding and hustling”. Also, love is a key component of life, so I like to talk about that and make music that makes them fall in love over and over again.


Tell us about 'Celebrate' the single.

Here are a few words from the chorus “Celebrate life, lord knows I been down”, the song is called “Celebrate”. It is pretty much about allowing ourselves to take the time to celebrate the small things in life. Sometimes we are so focused on the “big picture” and by doing so we let the “small moments” in life go by without appreciating them. But really and truly I believe that the big picture is just a combination of all the small wins adding up.


What’s your songwriting process?

I can’t picture writing lyrics without a melody first. I have not tried and I do not think that I would lol. To be honest I love coming up with melodies, for me, they are the blueprint of the whole song. A melody is like a GPS with every note directing the next stage of the song lol if that makes any sense.

One thing in the world that you would change?

Nobody should have to go hungry in this world. Do you have any idea how much food gets wasted/thrown out on average? Trust me, it is a lot. I think we could do better in that area as a world community, especially in first-world countries. We throw away a lot of food but we still have tons of people going hungry every day. If I had the power, I would figure out a system to reduce or completely eradicate food wastefulness around the world.

Nobody should have to go hungry in this world