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It's not every so often that at the forefront of an underground music scene is a young, world-citizen singer-songwriter. Kuwait witnessed the birth of a budding star when the singles 'Comet' and 'Chronicles' were released. Performing as one of the few female guitarists in the region since 2016, folk/pop Pakistan native only started songwriting two years ago but already has a global following. We are fortunate enough to meet the virtuoso and talk about her musical 'Chronicles'.

Please tell us about your musical journey.

I began my musical journey quite early on in life. My older sister has the best taste in music so she introduced me to a lot of different/edgier music like The Strokes and System of a Down and my dad actually did a great job with educating me about classic music as well as world music. That broadened understanding of music is all due to my dad and my sister and I feel the impact of it in my work today. As for personal musical development, I was always singing or pretending to sing from the age of 7 or 8.

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I remember being a 9-year-old kid in my best friend's mom's car, listening to Vannessa Carlton, and having my friend's mom tell us how we sounded. I also remember blasting Christina Aguilera's 'Ain't No Other Man' in my other friend's house when I was in middle school and dancing around her house as if we were on stage. There was never a point in my life where I wasn't surrounded by music, but it wasn't until I was in high school that I realized that this is something I could and should pursue. After being in my school choir for years, I started performing at various coffee shop gigs/open mics in high school and loved the feeling of being on stage. It really felt like home. Around that time, I fell in love with the guitar and decided I wanted to be a rockstar, so after graduating, I reinvented myself as the female Jimmy Page and joined some bands, but ultimately realized I have a story and vision to share, which is how I sort of became the "Fai" you see and hear today.

...loved the feeling on stage. It really felt like home

The first song you wrote ever, what was it about?

This is kinda a funny one, but the first song I remember writing was with my best friend in 7th or 8th grade. It was an extremely simple song about school being out for the summer and how these "summer days" won't last forever and to make the most of them. I'm sure there were other songs before that, but this one I can actually remember word for word. However, the first proper song I ever wrote and recorded was my newest single, 'Chronicles.'

You have 60 seconds with your music idol, how would the conversation go?

I've pictured this scenario a million times, but it would definitely feature a lot of praise being thrown from my end and a million questions about how my favorite songs came to exist. I'd probably also beg them to let me play a song alongside them. I don't know if that fits into 60 seconds but I would try to make that encounter last as long as I could.


If you have the power to remove one thing on this planet what would it be?

Probably nuclear weapons. They're almost too deadly and not needed. That or pollutants/litter in the ocean. We have one planet to look after right now, and sadly, we aren't doing a fabulous job.

Stay positive, be original

How are you coping with the current global crisis?

Not as bad as I would have thought. The introvert in me kinda saw it as an opportunity to hone any new skills and it allowed me to pick up reading again, which is great. However, the anxious side of me freaks out at least once a day, when I cough and am forced to assume the worst or when I see people out without masks or something. It's weird because it really reminded me how fragile humans really are, but it made me value the small things a lot more. On that note: STAY HOME AND WEAR YOUR MASKS!