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june 2021

My advice to all aspiring singers and musicians would be to believe in yourself. You're gonna get knocked down. People are going to tell you you're not good enough, or you can’t do it. YOU CAN. You can do anything you put your mind to, and if you believe in yourself enough, anything is possible.



Alternative singer-songwriter Millie Rhye is one to watch. With her striking image and unique vocal tones, she will capture your attention with 1 note. Millie has a range of experience on the stage to her name. She has performed to crowds of 100’s during major theatre productions such as "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang." Influenced by a range of artists from different genres, Millie has worked closely with producers to help release her debut single ‘sometimes’ in 2020, which gained 1000’s of streams in a matter of weeks. Since then Millie has released 5 original songs to all major streaming platforms and is constantly gaining fans and confidence through the response and positive feedback she receives from her songs.

Throughout this time, Millie has received much support from the BBC and BBC Introducing. They have helped promote Millie’s original work through regular air time, whether that be live air interviews or playing her songs on the radio for the nation to hear. You may like her songs however Millie tells us that "the best is yet to come." Her constant determination and want for a music career will push her to the highest point if she keeps working as she is, using her gift and sharing it with the world.

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How are you coping?

For me, the global pandemic has really helped kick start my music career. With all the time we’ve had during the continuous lockdowns, it has given me so much time to find myself as an artist and really work on my songwriting. Before the crisis happened I would stick to singing covers because that was the "safest option" and at the beginning, I hadn’t written any original material. However, I thought I’d give it ago, and now I’ve released 5 original songs to all major download stores and have gained thousands of views.

I thought I’d give it ago

How has music helped you?

I think music has been a big part of my life, ever since I was really little. I love all genres and I think that’s due to my family introducing me to all different styles when I was younger.

Your musical journey?

I’ve been singing ever since I can remember, but I properly started singing around the age of 8. Being on stage I just got that buzz and feeling of excitement being up there and Knew it was something I wanted to Pursue as I got older. For my 10th birthday, I went to a studio, not far from where I lived, and recorded some cover songs. The studio gave me a sense of reality, a feeling of comfort and home. 5 years on and I’m still recording there, now my own original tracks, with my amazing producer Carl. He’s given me so much confidence and self-belief. Before COVID we could go to open mics and gig in pubs together and it was just great for building confidence and getting yourself known in the local area for what you do and start and create a fan base.


Your latest single 'San Francisco', how did that happen?

I love creating songs that leave the meaning open to the listeners' interpretation, and this is exactly what this song does. Lots of people think it’s your typical song but to me, this song is about finding that someone who you just connect with and can be yourself with. Someone who you want to do everything with and put your everything into them. The setting of the song is 'San Francisco,' I love America and I’d love to visit, but my dream is to have my career take off there. I know it’s so cliche ‘’singer in America’’ but no one will understand until they want it for themselves, it’s the same with anything really.

In the making of San Francisco, it was a pretty simple process. I think it’s the easiest way for me personally and it’s worked for all my songs. From personal experience, I find it easier to write lyrics and come up with a melody when you have a tune.


Do you consider yourself a morning person?

Honestly, yes. I’m always awake super early and I don’t know why? Maybe it’s because I go to bed early as I’m always on the go through the day.

Apart from family and friends, who inspires you?

My vocal coach Julie is who inspires me. She’s one amazing character and she is so confident, and a lot of my confidence stems from her. She can never do enough for anyone and always says it as it is, which is a huge plus in this competitive industry. Since working with Julie, I’ve really heard an improvement in my vocal techniques and a huge step up in my confidence. She brings out the best in everyone she meets. A true inspiration.

My vocal coach Julie inspires me

Aside from music, what gives you a sense of accomplishment?

Dance. I love to dance. I’ve danced since I was 3 and I love it. I also love animals. Playing and treating my dogs always brings me happiness.

If you had 5 minutes of dialogue with anyone you wish, who would it be?

HARRY STYLES without a doubt. First I’d thank him for everything he’s done. How much he’s influenced my life and how much his music has benefited me. I’d also thank him for always being himself and saving so many young people with his music and style. Lastly, I’d tell him how much I loved him and ask him if he would want to go for some lunch with me.