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january 2021

Focus on your story. Focus on your craft. Focus on your business and service if you want to take it to the next level.



Never underestimate the power of self-motivation. JPerk Productions CEO Jeffrey Perkins learned this early on in life and scaled new heights with self-determination in his backpack. While some are contemplating whether to take a leap of faith or take the safe direction, photographer and videographer extraordinaire already had a headstart. His videography journey started picking up a camera in 2010, making videos for his YouTube channel talking about techniques and inspirations. He learned the craft "brick by brick" way back when Instagram—a more video/photography-oriented platform—was non-existent.

Challenges were no stranger to Jeffrey and his new company. However steep the road to success was, confidence in his skills did not waver even when things did not go as expected. "Booking clients was the biggest hurdle." After months of trial and error, he found his breakthrough in wedding photography. Fast-forward to a decade of hard work and persistence, JPerk now relishes a booming enterprise adding on music videography under his belt. Listen to the full interview and get inspired.

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