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Jindi, the Sudanese singer-songwriter bridges the gaps between cultures through his eclectically inspired sound in Dubai and beyond, and his music is the thread pulling the world together. His voice resonates regardless of time zone while his mix of '70s Funk, Soul, Pop, RnB, Reggae, and Dancehall oozes infectious positive energy.

Jindi is recognized in the Middle East scene as he incorporates his influences into his songwriting and production, and he is known and praised for his outstanding live performances.

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Following on from the release of his debut EP, '1995' in 2019, his single, 'Dance Floor' topped Pop charts in multiple countries across the MENA Region while 'Midnight Love' earned itself a spot on the Top 10 List on 'Trace Africa TV Sound System Selects'.

Through this song we've managed to find a common ground both musically and culturally

Jindi comes back today with a new fresh vibe and the latest single 'HASSA', which means "now" in Sudanese slang. On this first cross-cultural record, the singer is embracing his Sudanese roots mixing Afrobeat and Dancehall while singing in Arabic revealing a more mature side.

Here the artist brings a new aesthetic and a clear evolution in terms of sonority and direction as he collaborated with the famous Nigerian producer MasterKraft on this track.


"Through this song we've managed to find a common ground both musically and culturally. I wanted to show a different side of me and evolve musically" Jindi said. "The music coming from Africa represents us as a community no matter which part we come from. I consider this song as an introduction to something great and a link between different regions and cultures."


"Having to go through a crazy time creatively during the pandemic, especially when everything looked uncertain at first, I just needed to lift myself up and get everyone around me enjoying themselves again on a weekend."

I just needed to lift myself up

With an accompanying music video shot in Khartoum, Sudan, Jindi is touching on his roots and bringing a different energy to his hometown. Directed by Maimana Alhassan, the Sudanese director who's made her print in the African creative scene, the music video shows Jindi's affection for his girl, from cruising down the famous Nile street in Khartoum, to dancing around the local markets and performing live dripped in gold.