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february 2021

To constantly study the art of photography the more you read books about it and documentaries


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Takin' It Easy

“You need to have a 'Why?' Having a 'Why?' whatever it is, becomes food. It makes your dreams [become] more urgent.” This quote was immortalized by George Schiaffino about life in Baltimore, Maryland and how he rose above life's hurdles. 20 year- old music photographer Jbeezy is no different. "I was born & raised in Baltimore, Maryland growing up wasn’t easy but that’s the typical life being from here." His keen interest in media & entertainment growing up got him inspired by various films the likes of 'Scarface' and 'Don’t Be A Menace'. "Taught me a lot of lessons about greed, trust & loyalty." Jbeezy only picked up his first camera when he was 17. Four years later, he's making a living out of his new-found passion, getting him closer to the ultimate goal.


How are you coping with the current pandemic?

It hasn’t really phased me at all TBH, I been spending a lot of time learning & investing in myself financially and mentally just because of the fact it’s a lot of downtime. I feel like even though it’s terrible we’re in one this is the best time to really find your purpose.

How did you get into music photography?

Starting off I was doing social media ambassador work for my homies, known as LOWFI. They ended up getting signed to a record deal with Cinematic, & the CEO there pitched that I should pick up a camera and start taking pictures also. So that’s what I did & the rest is history.

Most memorable photoshoot and with whom?

Well it technically wasn’t a photoshoot but some shots I got of Da Baby at this concert hands down had to be the most memorable, I went through so much trouble getting into that concert *laughs* so it made me happy with how everything turned out.

What can you say is your distinction as a photographer? Your signature style so to speak.

Well, I would say I think colors in my photos stand out the most. I don’t have a specific editing style I play around with tones & saturation until I find something I like, also the fact it’s not much posing going on really just a lot of candid shots. It’s been helping me stand out in a time where it’s a lot of really creative photographers.

colors in my photos stand out the most


What's your typical day like?

I spend my day researching, editing also going outside, and doing some street photography just to practice & not be stagnant.

Most unforgettable photo session?

It was a pop-up that A$AP Ferg had. He was hella cool & made sure he stopped what he was doing for me to get some dope pictures.

Among the big names in the music industry, who do you want to have a photography session with? Why?

I know 100% that I want to have a photoshoot with Kanye West just because he’s my favorite rapper & it’s rare that people get to just come across him unlike other rappers in the industry so I feel like that would be a legendary shoot for sure.


What were the challenges you faced pursuing a music photography career? How did you overcome them?

One thing I would say is being a small fish in a big pond really early, I definitely had a big chip on my shoulder as far as proving that I’m meant to be in the spot I was in. I overcame the situation by learning from the photographers that were better than me, watching what they did best & figuring out how I could incorporate certain things in my own work.

being a small fish in a big pond

If not photography what would you be doing as a profession?

I’ve always had the thought in my head to start producing/ making beats so if I wasn’t doing photography I definitely would pick that up as my profession.

What can you advise aspiring photographers?

To constantly study the art of photography the more you read books about it and documentaries definitely help with inspiration & getting better. Also that it’s nothing wrong with doing things for free or very low priced at the beginning just to get better than once you're a professional you can charge whatever you want.