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Yas was born in
Australia and
moved to Dubai
12 years ago.

Tracing her roots
for her inclination
to dancing, Yas
vividly remembers
her mother putting
her in ballet, jazz
and tap classes
when she was only
3 years old.

Her parents were searching for a different lifestyle, came to Dubai for a holiday as Dubai was the 'it' thing then; fell in love with the place and have been here ever since.

Being bullied during her school days, she didn't have any friends. She says,

Dancing was my outlet and my escape, the time when I could express myself and when I felt most comfortable and confident in myself…

She envisaged singing as a profession when she was only 15. iPop, an agency that promotes emerging talents was scouting for the next Disney stars in Dubai and Yas impulsively decided to sing for the auditions, despite not being trained formally and asked her mother to tag along.

Though the outing didn't prove as successful as she'd hoped, her parents recognized she could sing.

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On her 16th birthday, Yas expressed her desire to learn singing and dancing to her parents and started traveling to Millennium Dance Complex, Los Angeles to be coached.

Homeschooling during high school helped her to devote more time to her art. Yas brags about her supportive parents and credits this to her committed determination.

"It's not really dancing that I'm trying to make something out of, it is more of singing," says Yas when questioned about her choice to sing over making a career in dancing;

My goal is to not only
become an internationally
recognized singer but
also a performer, that is
where the dance comes in.

I don't want to be an artist who just stands on the stage and sings. I want to be like Beyoncé... She is a complete package." Beyonce and Jenifer Lopez as a performer, inspire Yas; but Ariana Grande's music and style are her real inspiration.

The popularity and opportunities of the entertainment industry in L. A. allure youngsters from Middle East Asia, but most of them are unable to travel to L. A. due to the cost factor. Yas along with her mother noticed this demand and pooled in their resources to bring L. A. to Dubai.

The Yas: Music and Dance studio's spine is to coach passionate amateurs in the L. A. commercial style. Yas manages to fly the world's top choreographers to teach.

I don't want to be an artist who just stands on the stage and sings.

The distinctive factor being 'Ladies Special classes' especially for Emirati women. The studio has a specially designed room with no windows, so these women get an opportunity to express themselves, otherwise not being able to participate in mixed sessions due to cultural restraints.

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How do you manage your day?

When questioned
on how she juggles everything, at such a young age; she chuckles saying, "Time management is really important."

Yas plans her day in advance to focus on vocal lessons in the morning, choreography at noon and after that, teaching at the studio and looking after business in the evening.

She admits to having no free time, but in the end, it doesn't matter as her time is put into doing what she loves.

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Yas started her music endeavors with a ballad piece, 'Insecure' followed by a choreographed song video, 'Alibi'. Her inspiration for song themes comes from her personal life.

Her upcoming release, 'Not that girl' was sparked by the inconsistency of people's perception of her versus her real personality. Her social media fans believe Yas to be superficial and fashion-obsessed.

She wants to burst the bubble of those who think they know Yas and to convey that she is 'Not that girl'.

Being a dancer at her core, she likes to keep her music upbeat, danceable and pop. She has 4 more songs in the pipeline and wants her own album soon. She hopes this widens her horizons.

What's your brand's target audience?

The Yas brand is targeted for everyone, her music is for all age groups, but its key attraction is amongst teenagers.

What would advice new aspiring artists who wish to enter this field?

"You need to put in a lot of hard work, determination, and focus." She encourages the dreamers to block out all the negative energy and comments from people reasoning why they shouldn't and center on doing things that are necessary for achieving their goals.

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You need
to put in a
lot of hard work,
and focus.
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Did you know, Yas is a vegan and is fond of sweet potatoes. She maintains a clean diet and no sodas. She attributes her fitness and flexibility to her vegan diet.

Yas secretly wants the superpower of having endless energy to keep doing things she loves and being able to live devoid of sleep.

What's the role of social media in your success as an artist?

Yas accredits a huge part of her success to social media. She uses it as a platform to show the world her art. Yas says,

Social media helps an artist to build a fan base even if it is small and its reach is potentially all over the world.

She wants to send out a message that hopefully whims people in a positive way to be authentic and breaking society' s ideal for themselves.

Watch this space for the full video interview!

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