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classically trained soprano luiza formenius releases her latest single for universal music with more pop magic, brilliantly updating the 1931 classic ‘dream a little dream’

‘Dream A Little Dream’ is a timeless classic, first recorded nearly 100 years ago. Since then, it’s been covered over 60 times, including famously by the Mamas & The Papas in 1968. Step forward then classically trained soprano Luiza Formenius based in Dubai, who has turned ‘Dream A Little Dream’ into a modern cross-over classic.

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The daydream melody is still present and correct thanks to Luiza’s vocals, which soar with operatic power mid-way through the cover. Factor in Luiza’s effortless vocals with the bouncy, almost Tropical bassline and the clever pop production, and it elevates her cover into modern classic territory.

Blurring the lines between pop, opera and classical music is Luiza’s speciality. Her previous Universal Music single ‘Rebel Bird’ was an amazing update of Carmen’s ‘Bizet,’ bringing the opera classic into the modern world.

A graduate from Trinity Guildhall London, Luiza has played across the globe including South Africa, Sweden and India as well as several high-profile performances in Dubai as part of the Dubai Divas.

Born in Stockholm and raised in Dubai, she’s one of the most original artists in the region, creating contemporary pop music via classical covers and interpretations.

read more about her musical journey with musivv's interview with Dubai's songbird.

indie now | luiza formenius: dream a little dream


above and below right: Luiza doesn't take life too seriously and knows how to have fun.

please for those who do not know, who is luiza formenius?

I’m a classically trained singer who is working on mixing opera with pop in order to make it more appealing to a younger audience

who inspired you to pursue a career in music, specifically opera. why Opera?

My interest in classical music started from a young age going to concerts and operas with my parents but it was my first singing coach here in Dubai who really inspired me to pursue a career in music. I have been classically voice trained, however, I knew that I wanted to find a way to make that style of music more relevant in the way that Pavarotti did with his ‘Pavarotti and Friends’ concerts many years ago, where he collaborated with pop musicians on stage.

selene and prince

indie now | luiza formenius: dream a little dream

Don't give up! If you love it just keep going and practice, practice, practice!

when did your musical journey begin?

I started playing piano from the age of 4 but quickly realized it wasn’t my instrument of choice and then started singing lessons at 12.

how was it like releasing 'dream a little dream'?

It's my second single so I was apprehensive but also excited! It's always exciting to see how your music will be received and to get feedback from friends and fans about what they think of it.

how was it different from 'rebel bird'?

Rebel Bird was my first ever release so I was so excited for it to finally come out and to show everyone what I had been working on. Also, I’d had the idea for this song many years ago since its one of my favorite opera arias so to finally see it come into fruition was surreal and awesome!

who would you love to collaborate with and why?

Andrea Bocelli! I've always been a huge fan and I also really admire his voice and him as an artist.

we’re curious to know what’s the song background/inspiration for both?

As I mentioned before, Rebel Bird (Habanera from Bizet’s Carmen) has always been one of my favorite arias and also one of my favorite operas so it was clear right from the beginning that it had to be my first single. Then when I chose Dream a little dream as the next one it was inspired by the music I grew up listening to.

what were the challenges you think made you be the artist you are today?

It's probably something that any artist or singer goes through. When you’re trying to form a new genre of music that fuses the past with the present it always makes you nervous that people won’t like it or it won’t be received in the way you’re hoping.

what would be your biggest dream as an opera singer?

To perform in a unique venue such as the amphitheater in Verona or in front of the pyramids in Egypt.

If there is one super-power you can have what would it be and why?

I’d love to be able to teleport! I love going to new places and traveling but I’m a nervous flyer so if I could just click my fingers and get to my next destination it would be awesome!

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indie now | luiza formenius: dream a little dream


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