AMBITION IS HER MIDDLE NAME. Every once in a while, a generation bears witness to the rise of an artist that goes beyond the norm. SLOVENIA'S RAP SCENE might be staring at a prodigy.

Emerging in the hip-hop and R&B scene, Nushy is a Slovenian rapper and singer who has earned the attention of fans and critics by the thousands. Her music journey started over 15 years ago and released her first English single 'Benefits' on May 15, 2019, which became an underground sensation.

Her debut album 'Nushy' on December 18, 2019, was well received. She gained mainstream attention abroad through her English Indie hit 'Benefits' in partnership with Kadeem Quick of Attitude Records Label.

musivv reached out to Nushy for an interview about her life, music, and everything in between. Get to know the self-proclaimed queen. And deservingly so.

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indie mix | nushy: slovenia's rising rap queen


music journey

There were no female rappers before. I had to face this challenge and obstacle, mostly with men not willing to accept me because I wasn’t a gangster. I was too nice, too soft. I didn’t grow up in the streets. But I still did it my way.

I also needed to learn how to sing and how to do it in English. Two challenges at the same time. I didn’t believe in myself at first. But the man who taught me how to sing believed in me so much, he showed me that I can. Thanks, Aiden Royce!

Many times, I wanted to give up because the music industry here is not so nice. They are more likely to give negative comments or jealous reactions rather than support. If you are different, or if you don’t know the right people, you will not succeed. But then I have to remember and ask myself why I’m doing this. It’s because I enjoy it, and it fills my soul. That’s important to me. This is my success.

indie mix | nushy: slovenia's rising rap queen


above and below right: Nushy performing on stage.

typical day

Haha much different than you would expect. When I wake up I have an hour for my morning routine, but coffee first. Then I take care of my pets. I have a dog, Border Collie. We go to the stable where my horse is. Then I take care of him. Cleaning, cuddling, sometimes walking, feeding. I don’t ride him anymore, he has breathing problems. But we were good at show jumping before.

Time flies so fast. Next thing I know I’m already working my day job, where I take care of people (smiles). I’m a therapist so it’s all about rehabilitation. I’m happy I can help others. To reduce pain, to help their bodies to heal itself. In the evening when I finish work I'd still have an hour or two for myself.

nushy queen

indie mix | nushy: slovenia's rising rap queen


Biggest gig so far?
Hmm...I had a few big gigs. But the biggest...I think it was 10 years ago when I was a guest at one of the biggest festivals here in Maribor city, Festival Lent, in front of over 2k people.

“Brain cells are lit, ideas start to hit, Next the formation of words that fit. At the table I sit, making it legit, When my pen hits the paper my raps make hits!”

balancing schedule

It’s not that easy. But it’s all about prioritizing. That's the biggest deal because I’m not a morning person. I don’t like to wake up early.

Being a sleepy woman with a busy life is hard (laughs).

Most memorable gig? Aww, I think the first one with my band in an acoustic version on the promotion of one of my new singles. Because it means a lot to me. I played with my friends: guitarist and singer Dunja, and drummer Luka. They were people I love. They were my friends and family, and that’s what really matters.

It’s hard to talk about big dreams. I have a lot of little dreams and I’m turning them into my goals. I try to live my dreams. I believe that nothing is impossible. But most importantly I try to figure out what I truly wish. What my heart is trying to tell me.

Sometimes our ego has its own ideas but finding out what makes us “reach” is priceless...Just kidding. I want to be famous and rich. (LOL)

About my songs? 'Benefits' is definitely one I’m most proud of! But the most meaningful is Qraljica. Kraljica (with a 'Q') in Slovenia means 'Queen'. The song talks about woman as a lady and queen at the same time in heart and soul, and this should not require a show-off, especially affirmation from the environment for her own well-being. So I wanted to show in a very simple way through my growth and acceptance I do not need confirmation from others. The sense of greatness lies in the acceptance of oneself. We have to accept ourselves as we are - with all our mistakes, we have to realize that we are perfect in our imperfection. Through exploration and acceptance of myself, I came to the fact that today, such as I am, I feel like a queen, which is simply magnificent.

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indie mix | nushy: slovenia's rising rap queen


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