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Whether it’s the gypsy blood, some weird, untold astrological phenomena, or the impact of spending 2 years in Detroit as a kid… maybe it was being the middle child… heck, maybe the moon was just right, and there was goofer dust in the air, or maybe he just got dropped on the head one too many times. Whatever the cause, this boy was born with the blues in his heart. matt-hoyles-time
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indie mix


journey of a wailing bluesman


an already
accomplished artist in
his own right, matt
hoyles have played an
incredible set at
summerfest 2019; a
debut album 'time' with
earl powell (who has
grammy nods for his
work with jennifer
hudson and tito

and kensington sound
studio’s ben pelchat in
toronto; and getting to
perform at a myriad of
festivals across north
america. read on as he
shares his innate passion
for music, art and mental

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how it all began

“Even when I was a tiny kid, I always got in trouble for humming non-stop. For my 7th birthday I asked my parents for a guitar, after seeing a cool guitar on Top of the Pops (remember that?!) and lo and behold on my birthday I was gifted a classical guitar. A bit far from what I do now, I know, but that classical guitar foundation only deepened my love for music. Around 11 years old I was introduced to jazz and blues through my uncle John (here’s to you, Number 1!) and that was it for me. I knew that whatever it was, the music that I played needed to be full of soul. I heard “Tupelo” by John Lee Hooker and to this day it always has me mesmerized.”

Early Bands

“My best friends and I formed our first band at 11 (we were called Breadsmith - don’t ask, we were, and still are, a bunch of weirdos) and even though it probably didn’t sound great, we were having the time of our lives. By 15 I was playing in a band with my brother and two close friends - The Lastimes - wild retro rock and roll, if you know The Darkness or The Datsuns then you’re close to what our sound was, and by New Zealand standards we got pretty successful. And definitely got away with more than we should have… let’s just say that as the other members were significantly older, and nobody was checking IDs back then.

After The Lastimes broke up, my buddy Geoff (@geoffong) and I started a new band (The DeLoreans) and tried to push the boundaries even more. Geoff has an incredible voice so he was the natural choice for lead singer, but pretty soon after we began playing together, our drummer had to leave - and not being one to shy away from talents, it turns out Geoff is also a talented drummer.

In The Lastimes I only ever sang backup vocals, but this dynamic shift pushed me to be the frontman and I came to realize how much I loved singing. I was heavily involved in the writing for all the bands I had been in, so naturally (while playing in The DeLeoreans) I pursued a degree in music composition at the University of Auckland which truly broadened my music horizons.”

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from new
zealand to north

“Post-graduation it was time for a scenery change - my wife and I decided Canada would be our best bet in terms of opportunity and availability of growth. We spent 6 months after leaving New Zealand backpacking around the UK and Europe - I got into some pretty heavy busking while we were away and began to perfect my foot drumming technique (and also rustled up some dinner money while I was at it). Arriving in Canada with no connections at all, let alone musical contacts was initially really daunting, but I hit the ground running - basically being forced to put aside my fears and insecurities and strike out as a

solo act - and I have been essentially playing solo shows around the Greater Vancouver Area (and some beyond) nonstop for the last 6 years.”

on art and music

Music is art. Obviously,
all creative endeavors
are intrinsically linked.
We all seek to express
ourselves through
whatever means suit
us best, but in the end,
we are all painting a
picture in our own way.

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indie mix


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indie mix | matt hoyles :: journey of a wailing bluesman 4

latest skin art

“On January 14th and 15th I got a chest piece done by Liesje (@gallerieserpentine), who now works out of Helsinki, Finland. I was back in New Zealand to see my family over Christmas and she just so happened to be back in the country at the same time, so I couldn’t refuse! It’s a lantern with a snake winding around it; I won’t go too deeply into the meaning, but definitely a symbol for positivity and hope in my life.”

latest music

“My latest recorded music is my debut album TIME, which was released in 2018, and has been a large part of my tour repertoire over the last 18 months or so. However, I’m currently solidifying the tracklisting for my next album,

and a central theme is
definitely the state of
the world: how we
could all do with
treating each other
better and looking
after what we have.

My music also
tends to be fairly
and I write a lot
about my own
struggles with
mental health

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