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Christopher Marciano was born in Pawtucket, Rhode Island to afamily that migrated from the Cape Verde Islands and IvoryCoast, Africa. As a child, he struggled with communication dueto his apprehension and insecurities in regards to talking. He was constantly pulled out of classes for speech therapy becausehis instructors felt that there was something wrong with the way he spoke.

While their methods were meant to be helpful, it ended with him building up a stronger wall leaving little Marciano heavily guarded. Fast-forward to 2017, Christopher Marciano found himself guiding and advising several artists. During a studio session, one of his artists challenged Marciano’s advice with the statement, “how would you know this works? You have never been an artist.”

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It was at that moment that Christopher Marciano saw that in order to strengthen his business, he would have to walk in the shoes of an artist. Now, Christopher embraced his new-found love for performing and has never looked back. He shares his journey with us.

"Not too long ago, after deciding to take this path of being an artist, I was overwhelmed with [the] amazing feedback and positivity. But it took one specific moment for someone to basically show me that I wasn't good enough. I remember being at an awards ceremony and I was nominated for 'Best Male R&B Artist' and I ended up winning. As I was walking to the stage to accept my award, someone in the crowd said that they needed to recount the votes because basically I didn't deserve that title and it hurt me."

Depression took over Chris. "I let that one person ruin my moment. And after that, I just found myself looking at my followers and compare myself to other people. And it was driving me crazy. It was very overwhelming. And I just saw that maybe I shouldn't be doing music anymore. Maybe this path is not for me," he adds.

It was very overwhelming

"It took my supporters and my family and my friends reminding me of how blessed I am and how thankful I should be. They are the reason why I'm doing this to begin with, because they believe in me so much, and they've made me believe in myself even more. So, I'm so thankful that they helped me get through this. And during that time, whenever you're going through some experience or mental health battle, you have that one person you reach out to. And in that sense, I felt like I had more than one person to reach out to, and I didn't even reach out to them, they reached out to me." Chris believes that if he can make a difference in the life of one person, he has succeeded.

"For that I will forever be thankful and I'll forever work my hardest to keep pushing music and to keep making everyone proud and to serve as a reason in your life because my supporters have been the reason why I continue. And I want to be the reason why their mental health is just a little bit better."

"Music has always been my escape. Music is the cheapest form of therapy that I can get. I don't have to go to a therapist and spend hundreds of dollars. All I have to do is go to the studio and sing my heart out and I'm okay. I'm completely fine," Marciano shares. According to him, when it comes to music, it's the one thing that allows him to be completely transparent and completely free. "I don't have to pretend to be somebody else. I don't have to hide my stories. I don't have to hide my emotions. And that's my form of therapy," he adds. Music has always been a significant aspect of his life that continues to serve as his purpose.



Christopher's up-coming album is all about his mental health journey. "I'm a perfectionist, I want to make sure that it's perfect." Referring to his transparency as a core message of the album. "It's about making everyone feel a little bit better and knowing that I've gone through an experience that they might have gone through and I was able to get get through it." The track called 'Reason' is "one of the most powerful songs" that he has written as it speaks about being real. "I'm excited to share this song with everyone because it's basically a thank you to everyone for allowing me to get to where I am right now and for pushing me to be greater than what I was yesterday."

Music is the cheapest form of therapy

He leaves us with a message to everyone, specially those going through mental health struggles. "You are not alone." Every time Chris thinks this way, his best friend reminds him the highest point in his life. "Often times when we're going through something that's negative, we forget and we cancel out all the positives and the negative becomes our only focus. But we have to find that one little piece of light. That one little piece of hope." It's easier said than done. But opening up to someone makes it less of an ordeal. "Don't let this one situation overshadow all of the good ones that you've gone through in your past," he concludes.ender