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february 2021

Most people in our society are soo scared of failure that they never try to achieve their dreams or follow their passion


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Seek and Enjoy

Hitesh Dewasi. Photographer, filmmaker, storyteller, designer, and more than anything else a 'seeker.' What does it mean to be a seeker? According to the Dubai-based multidisciplinary creative, it is "to have a restless mind, to have a fire in the belly, to define, be consumed with and agitated by curiosity, to want to know the world, to want to map the world, it is to question dogma, to rage against the darkness, to scramble the self and constantly have a desire to upgrade and improve, understand oneself and refine in every way possible, and finally to not give in and not let go." What pulls him is "the possibility of making something happen."


How did you get into music photography?

Long story but here we go, It had been 2 months since I moved to Dubai, and Soledxb 2018 was coming up, I heard about it from my friend, and I wanted to go, but I had just begun my new job was trying to save money. So I started asking around if anyone could get me a pass. Ayham, or best known as @Aytheproducer, replied to my DM on Instagram asking if I could do some photography for him @mohflowmusic and @Jeed who run Hrmny together. I instantly said yes, we had a quick phone call and met up with Moh a few days later, the event itself was surreal. I was so new to Dubai and meeting so many amazing artists through the Hrmny boys like @Freek @Shebani @Kchamdamusic @Bighass @Karrouhat, and many others made me realize something.

As an artist, we are all chasing our dreams and goals in our way. I suddenly felt at home in Dubai; we had a great time over the three days with them being backstage at the main stage when they performed the after party till 3 am I enjoyed every minute of it, and I guess it made an impression on them. So they called me for other shoots after that, over the last 2+ years our friendship developed and today I am proud to call them my brothers.

Long story but here we go

If not photography, what would you be doing as a profession?

I used to be an interior designer before I decided to pursue photography and filmmaking full time so I'd probably be still doing that.


How are you coping with the current pandemic?

In the beginning, it was quite hard, especially during the time we had to get a police permit to even to get groceries. I had just started my production company 3 months before, and there were no jobs. However, I used that time quite productively, restructured my business plan, learned new skills, got better at making videos, and started a podcast. Now that UAE has adapted to the new norm I've been busier than ever.

Most memorable photoshoot and with whom?

I don't think I can choose one, it's quite hard to one-up any shoot after the previous story, it holds so much sentimental value at this point, so I'd say that is and will be my most memorable shoot for a long time. Mainly because of how that one event has changed my life. Maybe when go on a world tour for @mohflowmusic in the future I might rate that one higher.


What can you say is your distinction as a photographer? Your signature style?

The thing about me is I've changed my style of photography many times over the years. I like to experiment if something inspires me. I will take that and run with it, not worry too much about the results, let my creativity flow through what I am feeling. I do my best to stay in the moment on the shoot with minimal distractions, respecting the creation process. That way, I'm always having fun on the shoots, and it never becomes monotonous, which is why my Moto is #alwaysbecreating.

Love what you do

What's your typical day like?

Since I started my production company last year there have been no two days alike and frankly, it's the best thing ever. Living my life as an artist and an entrepreneur each day comes with new challenges and surprises. However, I do like some routine in my life. Being an early bird gives me a few hours in the morning to exercise, enjoy my morning coffee, make breakfast, put in a couple of hours into urgent tasks before I start getting any calls or notifications about things I need to do for the day. Shoot days are a different beast they can start at 3 am or go on till 11 pm sometimes so I can never say what's gonna happen.