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Kings of Leon, Paramore, Stryfer, the list can fill this page with successful and well-known bands who have sibling members — to the surprise of some. We've done a review of the song 'Keep In Touch' and promised to bring you the minds behind the mic-dropping metal track. Meet Metarust members Emirati brothers Saif and Samir.

Thank you for gracing us with an interview.

Saif: Its an honor to have you feature us on your site, I really love the support for independent artists that you've displayed. It's features like this that help artists voices reach further so thank you so much for the opportunity.

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Tell us more about your musical journey growing up. Any fond memories?

Samir: Music has always been a part of our lives with our parents raising us on lots of '80s pop like George Micheal, A-Ha, and Micheal Jackson. But we really found our stride when we picked up our own instruments with intentions to grow.

Saif: We initially got into music classes when I was 9 years old and my brother was 4, but once we got really into rock and heavy music a few years later, then we took learning instruments more seriously and started practicing together with our friend Marwan who was also learning bass at the time, and we've been a band since.

It was a phase

It's great that you guys have the same taste for music, what song does your brother like that you don't necessarily fancy, vice versa.

Saif: My brother's been in a rap phase for the past few years so basically most of that, but I am trying to warm up to it.

Samir: Ya, I've been obsessed with artists like Ghostmane, Slowthai, Scarlxrd, Denzel and Filthi. It helped get me into producing rap a lot. There's not much music I really dislike, but I didn't really care for my brother's Dubstep phase.

Saif: It was a phase.

Who's the more serious type?

Samir: Saif!

Saif: I think both of us are a serious type in our own way but ya Samir is more easygoing.

Who's more of a perfectionist?

Samir: Saif!!

Saif: I always strive to look at projects, songs, mixing, production as how much can we better showcase ourselves as well as what is best for that context. I like to get very experimental as I can take it but then tone it down and break it down to a point that makes sense.

More and more Emiratis are embracing Western music, what are your thoughts on that?

Saif: It's been part of our culture for generations but I think what you mean is the more western type approach of music and showcasing yourself more and more, because it's been around as a form of expression or for fun with gatherings in the culture, but now it's awesome to see Emiratis showcasing their talents and themselves in every art form and marketing themselves with that.

How do you describe the local metal scene? Comparing it from 5-10 years ago?

Samir: A lot of youth have been popping up, looking into music, and are realizing it's not as hard as they think to record or perform. We've always loved and supported local-based metal bands like Svengali, Coat of Arms, Nevercell, and more.

Saif: They've made us realize that there is an audience for metal bands in Dubai.



Who do you guys look up to in terms of sound engineering? 'Keep In Touch' was a well-produced track. Any inspiration?

Samir: My usual reference is trying to nail the modern metal sound and combining that with the creativity of artists like Jack White, who's a massive inspiration for both of us.

Saif: Ya, that and also learning more of our favorite artists' approach to production as well as modern pop producers for artists like Billie Eilish and just study what they're doing that's working so right. For 'Keep In Touch' that was a major factor for the clean bits, and like Samir said, modern metalcore was an inspiration as well as our usual inspirations that include Metallica, Korn, Tool, Black Sabbath, Faith No More, Avatar, etc.

Preach what you practice

Any solo projects?

Saif: As producers, we always have a library of unfinished tracks of solo projects that we sit on and 'may' release. I'm working on a solo EP. But don't know when the time is right to release.

Samir: I'm working to build up my brand alias "Katharsis" which has some solo features like a collaborative album I made with 7vn. called "Agony" which we released in early 2019.

What would you like to leave as a message to aspiring metalheads?

Samir: Be yourself, because no one can be you better than you.