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'Where Do We Go' is one of those records that came to out of nowhere according to NAIIM. Grippingly melancholic — a stark contrast to the single ‘Starburst’ he put out prior. “Where do we go when the world’s trying to bury our hopes” sums up the entire song. It’s a reflection of how NAIIM was feeling in that moment with everything happening around the world at this present moment combined with the sentiment of feeling weighed down by his internal monologue. We all deal with moments of anxiety, stress, and the pressures of others trying to give their 2 cents into how one should conduct his/her life. This track is sure to hit you to the core!

Loved the way the clean guitars opened up to the well-written lyrics. NAIIM sure took his emotions and penned them artistically. Paying tribute to his mother is golden. "I want this ice on me frigid, ice-cold," sticks like glue! The go-go-go hook stood out with the female harmonies — excellently done. Simplicity in terms of production highlighted the theme 'Less is More.' Delicately placed guitar riffs running across the song have been done all too many times but it fits the song well. Overall, a strong track.

Excellent work!
3/5 mic drops! 🎤🎤 🎤

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