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War is a great fit for the title. Short and direct, which sets the stage for an aggressive, upbeat track. The beat is pretty solid. It definitely sounds modern in terms of the drum bounce, sound selection, and hi-hat triplets. Hearing the intro loop for 4 bars felt too long, and the sound isn’t interesting enough to build any real suspense or anticipation. Reducing it to 2 bars, and maybe exclaiming ‘This is War! You ready? Let’s go!”, will get the listeners hyped before the hook drops to kick off the song. The Chorus is slightly too repetitive but if the goal is to make it feel hypnotic and intoxicating to the listener, this definitely hits the mark. Preferably some vocal ad-libs from PStorm in the background would make it sound more cohesive throughout, but it’s obvious he wanted to give Tac his shine on the hook — respect to that.

Great work on the verses! Loving how PStorm kept the same end rhyme throughout the entire first verse. Rhyme schemes are commendable in these bars: “I lost my homie young, I see him when he old / they cut my homie’s tongue, cuz he ain’t never told ”. In the second verse, the cadence change and clever punchlines are also very impressive. End the song right at the current 3:26 mark. Use the same ‘slow down record effect’ that currently plays at 3:37 to end it off. This abrupt ending will increase the replay value and is stronger than just letting the loop play out. It is clear PStorm takes pride in his craft, which is rare these days.

We give it 4 claps out of 5!

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