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'Truth Lies,' as explained by the band, "is an oxymoron that conveys the contrast in an individual’s thoughts through life and the afterlife. It focuses on superficial aspects of life such as predestined fate and urges the listener to break out of this infinite cycle to take life into their own hands. Death is considered to be a part of life and an individual feels betrayed by the lies told to them throughout their life, about things like heaven, hell, destiny, and a lot more. All that remains is sole darkness in a void world with memories of a regretted past." Our first impression of the title does not fall far from how they envisioned the song to be, although musivv may not share the same sentiments regarding this topic.

The song opens up with an eerie melancholic vibe. A little too lengthy. We suggest going straight to the heavy drums to give the listener a shock treatment. Then make the intro a separate 1 to 2-minute track. This would give a higher replay value. The guitar riff is a killer! Vocals are on point although at some point it felt like the chorus could have been stronger. The band paid attention to writing an excellent song structure which is commendable. The lyrics came across as sporadic in terms of theme. It needs a cohesive and coherent element. Production was ace! Overall, a strong track.

We give it 3 mic-drops out of 5!

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