Khali Wali is yet another sure-fire way to silence Freek's critics. The track stays true to his convictions without compromise — the music video echoes this sentiment. Even non-Arabic speakers will get the vibe and nod as the bass kicks a "low-blow" followed on by a crawling bassline. Just when you thought this hi-hat triplet infused drill is getting predictable, you'll get mesmerized by a trance-like synth solo halfway through the song, emphasizing one of the region's well-known phrases to express disinterest. You can easily relate on the hook "If you hear someone talking trash tell him 'Khali wali, khali wali.'"

Freek's well-thought-of use of vocal autotune effect once again proves 'classy' in this track. In terms of structure, Freek did not go far off from his usual 30-40 second intro before jumping into the goods. In hindsight, it would almost seem like a follow-up song to his 2019 hit Wala Kilma only because of his use of a commonly-known phrase to easily attract relatability. Whether that's good or bad, only time will tell. Could this be musivv's first 5 mic-drop rating? Could very well be. But for now, it's a whopping 4!

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