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'Keep In Touch' conveys a sense of frustration in reminiscing and romanticising the past and the desire to relive it even if it isn’t as sincere as it once was. The journey of the song goes through the phases of wishing to relive the past, actively trying to reflect it to present routines and behavior, then finally overcoming the desire to relive the past and moving on out of spite. Let us get into it. 3 things that we think stood out from this track.

1. Vocals. Outstanding! From a clean tone to an all-out growl, the performance was exemplary! The 2. Song Structure. The transition from an '80s-feel, high-reverb arrangement to a heavy Mansonesque distorted guitar vibe, and up a notch heavier at 4:50 was well-thought of.

The instrumental in between was the calm before the storm so to speak. Making way to the highlight of the track. 3. Instrumentation. The guitar riffs were technically astute. The drum patterns and performance were spot-on! If there is one aspect that can draw criticism is the lyric structure. As good as a deep and melancholic mystery could be, it could leave a sense of disconnection. It could work both ways — make or break. The change from 'I submit to you' to 'Won't submit to you' was a brilliant idea, however, it was lost in the muddy extra verses. Overall, a track to keep #onrepeat. Watch out for more of Metarust. They're doing something special here.

We give it 3 mic-drops out of 5! 🎤🎤🎤

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