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Way to go for a comeback! Coat of Arms never disappoints. "Whether it’s figuratively or metaphorically speaking, Inferno is about burning more than bridges. It’s about the decisions you have to make when the closest ones betray you. The song captures that moment of disbelief and disappointment when you realize there’s no going back. It’s about severing ties and letting the person know that they brought this fire upon themselves." That hook 'Burning more than bridges' is sheer lyrical genius.

The track kicks off with a haunting punchy intro along with cleverly produced quintuplets befitting the crackling sound of burning wood. The noticeably bleak and nihilating guitar tone has cranked up a notch to complement the signature weaving of pure melodic vocals against the gnarling growls — pure genius. Anyone would sense an eerily uplifting tone to the entire production. Although to the keen listener, there seems a lack of intensity that comes with playing/recording together. Coat Of Arms is Slipknot without the masks. For that: 4 mic drops out of 5!

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