“Just Wanna“ tells a universally relatable story of a girl who lets the negativity in her life fuel the transformation into a better version of herself. This self-empowering Summer anthem is based on themes from the classic story “Alice in Wonderland” with a modern-day twist. “It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then” (Lewis Carroll). Throughout the song, the girl realizes she needs to let go of her expectations of people, to be happy in life.

During the pre-choruses of the song, Cmagic5’s delivery is fierce as she sings directly to her listeners, conveying that the sweetest revenge is to smile, succeed, and prioritize yourself. Musically, “Just Wanna” exhibits a uniqueness with a buzzing freshness of summer through its catchy, modern pop melody built on a powerful Afrobeat. This spicy fusion encourages listeners to dance all their worries away, delivering a message of healing through the power of music.

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