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Chronicles is a dark tale about a mind gone mad in pursuit of personal gain. It's reminiscent of early Adele and Lorde and it embodies everything that a classic dark ballad should have. It was initially supposed to be about a glamorous Hollywood couple being torn apart by the tabloids, but then it turned into this tale of greed and repentance and eventually ends on a note of somber acceptance. Fai wanted to grasp the sheer desperation and the lengths someone could go to in pursuit of their dreams. We often hear the romanticized versions of success stories, but we don't see the sacrifices people make, the losses they incur, or the mental turmoil that ensues for a lot of people. The music reflects the different changes that the character goes through

This luring ballad makes no beating around the bush. The message had to be delivered and delivered quickly. And rightfully so. The verse progresses into a captivating balance and instantaneously pulls one to drift with the sudden minor chord that catches one unguarded. Fai's vocal harmonies are hypnotically sound (no pun intended) and delicately placed — a sonic tapestry! Notice the wonderful control and phrasing of her vocal before the cliff-hanging chorus — sheer genius. Her soothing and exquisite pacing delivered by a warm and smooth voice reminiscent of Karen Carpenters is contrasted by the powerful conflict in the message of the song. Our only criticism: the song would increase replay value by ending at 3:13. Other than that, the overall arrangement takes one on a mystical journey.

We give it 4 mic-drops out of 5!

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