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As the harbinger of a new era in Pop romanticism, London-born, LA-based artist RAIGN, bends boundaries to create darkly-dreamy music that’s near-sublime in its transformative power. Using digital pop music as a means to express magic, RAIGN’s lavishly textured take on alt-pop centers on her heart-stopping vocals and soaring cinematic scope.

Seamlessly marrying the ornate grandeur of classical music and the electronic elements of EDM in a uniquely affecting manner RAIGN’s glittering soundscape and soaring vocals transport her listeners to a fantastical realm. RAIGN’s seductive vocals float over chiming bells and cinematic crescendos in this snowy, heartfelt rendition of the Phil Spector penned holiday standard. For that: 4 mic drops out of 5!

Photo supplied and owned by Kelsey Fisher. Use without permission is prohibited.