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Aiming to stay true to her message within her music, Naviyah believes that positive lyricism and a sound (no pun intended) message will always win listeners over — one way or another. Naviyah's Christian faith stirs her lyrical content with life experiences and her journey. 'Birthday Drink' encourages moderation when drinking alcohol to be able to enjoy with a clear comprehension of what's around. This wise message over a heated song helps listeners safely have a good night. Opening with melodic synths and punchy bass-like synths offer a powerful sonic low-end.

Warm vocals mixed with rap offers the song immersive depth that keeps listeners engaged with subtle intricate transitions. Capped off with incredible energy much like a 90's hit track. As they say, you can't go wrong with claps in a track. Highly commendable track infused with a positive message, 'Birthday Drink,' encourages listeners to get down with clean fun responsibly. Excellent choice for a song title, musivv gives this single a well-deserved 4 mic-drops out of 5!

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