“To beginnings... and endings, and the wisdom to know the difference.” This quote from David Lynch’s cult series Twin Peaks resonates with Aeli, who recently uprooted from Dubai to Los Angeles, transitioning professionally from architect to full-time music producer. It inspired him to create a new series of collaborative singles.

After successful projects with Ka$h CPT and Zendon Lavon, the producer’s interest in collaborations was piqued and encouraged him to team up with some of his favorite artists from the Middle East. Aeli challenged the artists with one constraint, one concept to explore – the theme of “Goodbye”.

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“I wanted to give them the opportunity to say goodbye to whatever they had unfinished business with – whether a person, a behavior or an addiction...” the producer says. In Cry Me A Valley – the first in the series – Dubai-based rapper Seki SuperVillain crafts a message to a girl with whom things ended up in shambles. The result is a lyrical stanza about “toxic relationships, manipulation and being desensitized to crocodile tears when it’s too late.” as the rapper expresses.

the wisdom to know the difference

For the beat, Aeli sets Seki’s words against a sexy, firm and positive mood, pushing the artist to experiment in the Afro Beat zone. The two friends are used to performing together, and while Aeli is a fan of Seki’s electric energy on stage, he wanted to see the rapper express himself in a more sensual context, both in terms of writing and performing. The result is just the beginning.

About AELI

From Dubai to Los Angeles, Tunisian-bred Music Producer, and DJ, Aeli has been seamlessly lacing Hip-Hop and Electronic Music with traces of traditional North African sounds. From hunting down bass-heavy remixes of your all-time-favorite hits, to originals from EDM godfathers and Brazilian Funk bedroom Producers, Aeli’s sets feature some of the filthiest, electrifying bangers, leaving you sweaty, smiling, and fiending for more. His mixes have been featured on Red Bull Radio,, and Sole DXB Radio. After a wave of recognition in the UAE, Aeli has been pushing his signature sound across Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Africa, fueling moshpits in iconic places like Black Market (Manila) and The Waiting Room (Cape Town). In recent years, he’s shared the stage with eminent artists such as Soulection’s Joe Kay, Jarreau Vandal, The Whooligan and Iamnobodi, as well as Y2K, Earl Sweatshirt, Ekali, Daedelus, Joey Bada$$ and Damianito. Aeli recently collaborated with Zenden Lavon and Ka$h CPT for Red Bull Music projects and took part of Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp in Dubai. His Hip- Hop sound is a blend of all his different influences, shaped by his origins and the places he has lived.

Seki Supervillain

After releasing a considerable amount of singles and collaborations with international artists like Cruel Santino, and touring in Nigeria and the Philippines, Dubai raised rapper and singer Seki SuperVillain recently dropped his eponymous debut album. “The young artist isn’t afraid to rap ruthlessly and with an infectiously fun attitude.” Wrote Mille World, “Although he has a distinctive style of his own, his work is a collaborative effort with producers like 1TakeNnandos, alongside appearances from Nigerian rising star Prettyboy D-O and Danish rapper Noah Carter. Moving with ease from a sing-rap flow to more aggressive hymning, his lyrics are rooted in his own experiences, but still resonate globally.” The magazine continues. With airy auto-tuned vocals set over dreamy melodies and fast-paced drums, Seki Supervillian drips with casual confidence.

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