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january 2021

We are all different and have our own opinions and values but it is so important to open our eyes to others as well.



Once a former member of the boy band, WOW, under the moniker, Frankie Presley, Zulferino eventually decided to pursue a solo career and around the age of 21, wrote his first song, 'I Found You.' He opened up for artists like Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo and Selena Gomez, and a ton of others. But, on his list of dream collaborations is the one and only Jennifer Lopez. 'Let's Get It On' as this multi-faceted dancer-singer-artist needs no further introduction.

Looking back, what do you think is your 'Eureka' moment? That moment when you said "This is it, I'm all-in. I'm doing music or nothing at all!"?

I can't say that I've ever had a eureka moment about my career, I've known ever since middle school that I was going to perform and entertain for the rest of my life. I have never steered away from that decision, never had a backup plan and it's actually the only job I've ever had. I can say I am blessed that I have been able to entertain and share my love and passion for music with the world every day!

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What separates you from the rest? What is that distinct Frankie style?

I never want to say what separates me from the rest, because I do believe that everybody is unique and special in their own way and I have definitely been influenced by so many artists that have inspired my style and music. I guess my fans would say my distinct "Frankie style" would be flashy. I have a collection of custom diamond sneakers that I have created with my sister that has become a part of my style and fashion, as well as a collection of custom costumes and jackets that will definitely light up a room.

Outside of the music space, I look up to my mom. She keeps me humble and grounded and reminds me of what is important in life. She would give the shirt off of her back to a stranger and is always there for anyone at any time. She is the definition of strength, kindness, and love and I am blessed to have her every day in my life.

Your latest single Let's Get It On, what's the song story? Was it lyrics or melody first? What inspired the song? Any person in particular?

My latest single, 'Let's Get It On,' is a remake of the classic song by Marvin Gaye I was nervous to do it at first because the original record is so iconic but my fans have always loved when I sang it, so I decided to do a little rendition of it. I wanted to keep the essence of it but make it feel a little more current and be able to introduce it in a new way to a new generation of people.

make it feel a little more current

Social Media

I can't say that I would ever want to completely delete social media because I do believe that it is also an incredible tool to connect with people, however, I do not believe that we should judge people's talents based on views and likes. I constantly urge my fans and followers to support talented artists that haven't been seen or heard by a massive amount of people because I do believe that the arts, music, and entertainment is absolutely something that the world needs. If we continue to put a value on numbers instead of judging people on their talent and their hard work, what are we teaching the future generation? To be a great artist, you must put time into your craft. However as artists currently we have to have high numbers and streams to sign deals and get recognized. We have to spend a lot of time building our social media, which takes away the time of really working on our art and creating great music, great performances & great videos. It's very difficult to balance both, but for me, I will always put my music and the art first - even if that means the road will be longer and harder.


One superpower. What would it be.

If would be granted one superpower it would be to be able to connect with those who passed away. I would give anything to have one more chance to talk to my grandparents and for them to guide me!

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Biggest celebrity crush.

My biggest celebrity crush would definitely be Jennifer Lopez. I have been in love with her ever since 'Selena' and I have always been attracted to not just her beauty but to her creativity, drive, and passion for what she does.

What message would you like to leave our readers and followers, and aspiring singers/artists?

I normally tell people to follow their dreams and their hearts, but today I feel, more than ever, that the biggest thing I want to share is for everyone to spread more love, compassion, and patience with others. I have seen so much division in the world lately and it's not the world I want for our future. We are all different and have our own opinions and values but it is so important to open our eyes to others as well. There is always room in our hearts to learn and grow. None of us are perfect, but each day we have a chance to be better and to be part of the change our world needs.