In 2018, 12-year old singer/actress Sofia Cordeiro of Porto Alegre city, south of Brazil participated in the show The Voice Kids Brazil. Her performance swooned the hearts and ears of the judges. The rest was history. Almost three years later, Sofia continues to wow Brazil and the rest of the world.

Her great passion for singing and performing since she was very little landed her first fashion photo and TV Commercial when she was 7. "That's who I am: a kid who loves singing and acting."

musivv reached out to Sofia to see how she's been since The Voice Kids.

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First and foremost how are you?

I've been great thank you. A lot of adjustments specially with what's happening around the world.

Can you tell us again about The Voice Kids? How was it like?

Being a contestant in The Voice Kids show was a very strong experience. In the year that I participated (in 2018), more than 1.5 million kids signed up trying to enter the show in Brazil. There were many previous auditions until I managed to step on the stage and sing.

It was unforgettable!

The casting started six months before the Blind Auditions and I could not tell anyone what I was doing. I was only 10 years old!

Everything was confidential. And being among the 72 who actually got into the show was incredible! The Blind Audition was the most unforgettable moment of my life!

Especially when the
coaches pressed the
buttons and turned
their chairs and I knew
they wanted me
in their teams.

What would be your biggest dream?

Well, I have this dream of having a song in a soundtrack of a movie (as a singer), as well as having a part in the movie as an actress. Not easy, but who knows?

Remind us again,
when did you start singing?

I joined the school choir when I was 5 years old.

If you had the power to change anything in the world, what would it be?

My mom keeps saying that although we can not change the world alone, we can make little things that can help someone's life become a little better, like donating food, toys, clothes to those who are in need. But, if I had the power to change anything in the world, I think I would make sure that all kids around the world would have the opportunity to have education, proper food and a decent place to live. I think this way we would not have so many wars and change the world's future.


You're a songwriter as well, correct?

Yes. I've been writing lyrics since I was 7. My songs are about moments that I have lived in. I use my songs to express how I feel about things. The first song I wrote was when my best friends (the ones whose mom videotaped me singing ) moved to a different state. I was very sad and writing a song was the way I found to deal with the situation. My mom says that music is my therapy.

Who influenced you in singing? Any particular artist that you look up to?

My father loves jazz and he plays the drums as a hobby. Although no one in my family is a professional musician, music has been part of my childhood. An artist that has inspired me is Arianna Grande because she is this great singer and actress! She has taken part in Broadway plays, TV sitcoms and is a music star. She's done everything!! I really would like to meet her!

What will be your advice to young kids who look up to you and want to be a successful singer?

Even if you are very talented, it's very important to study music and have singing classes with vocal lessons.

Favorite food?

My favorite food is steak with french fries that my grandmother makes. Oh, and I love hamburgers! ender