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Where do you go from a career-high? Outdoing oneself could be one of the most daunting and demanding places an artist would be at — between success and being at the pinnacle. Some have plateaued. Some have taken a back seat. Nouri takes it head-on with style, like the virtuoso she already is.

On November 6, 2018, NOURI released her debut single 'Where Do We Go From Here' that debuted at #1 on the New Zealand Hot 20 Singles Chart. On March 8, 2019, she released her second single 'Favorite Goodbye'.

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Vivian Nouri, of Kurdish descent, has no plans of saying goodbye to her young and budding singing career that has taken her to places she never dreamed of growing up in New Zealand — thousands of miles away from home.

musivv reached out to Nouri to find out how it's like to write another undeniably chart-topping single in the making.

What makes this track different from your past releases?

This track is a ballad, the other two were mid-tempo songs. And this song is also one that the fans wanted when I did a teaser about it about a year ago.

one that fans wanted

How was the process been like? How did you decide on the ones who will work with you?

Every song and process for each song is different. I go into the studio with no expectations just wanting to make music with the producers I love. For 'Miss All Ur Jokes' I was at Brian Kennedy’s studio in downtown Los Angeles, [California]. He just started playing on the keys and I instantly felt it. I closed my eyes for a whole 30 minutes and just started singing. I had the whole song almost done in that one session but wanted to take it away to listen in the car. Once I did that I wrote the rest of it in the car. I then released a teaser on Instagram for my fans and it was surreal to see their reactions, how they related to it and what it meant to them. I then went back to the car and rewrote the chorus to make it even better based on my fans' stories to the snippet I posted. And that’s how the final version of 'Miss All Ur Jokes' came about.

I'm Sorry

There’s a line in the song where it says "I’m sorry, I’m sorry." Is it an apology for holding on? Or an apology for the past mistakes?

Yes, it’s an apology for holding on but the apology is to myself for holding on to something when I knew I should just let it go.


In terms of musicality, sound and production, who or what song influenced 'Miss All Ur Jokes'?

For this song in particular it was “Close To You” by Rihanna from production to the way she delivered on that song. It’s crazy because that’s the first song I did a cover of in 2016 and sent it to Brian Kennedy who produced 'Close To You' — and now 'Miss All Ur Jokes.' I started my career with Brian so it’s amazing to be releasing music with him now. It's like a full circle.

It's crazy because that was the first song I did a cover of

Any plans on writing an Arabic/Kurdish song/s in the future?

100%! Just waiting for the right collaboration!

Nouri’s compelling sound is very modern, something reflected in her creative process. And where she wants to go? The very top. Her refreshing and complete honesty about her goals expressed freely; no circumspect mutterings about taking each day with open arms. ender