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The beauty of the process. Butterflies go through metamorphosis. Coffee beans undergo milling. Grapes pressed to make wine. In the case of Eva Giudice, it's months and months of waiting for the creative juice to finally hit the right notes. Winning JumpSTARt was just the beginning — a process she recalls as unbelievable.

Her hard work is finally paying off with her first-ever single's release looming at a distance. Where does her JumpSTARt experience rank in the 'Hall of Virtues'? Evaliaa shares her thoughts about patience and staying true to herself in an interview.

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Take us through your JumpSTARt experience. From being selected as Top 4 up to the point you found out you won

I participated in the JumpSTARt initiative in response to an invitation. musivv interviewed me a few weeks before the competition was announced so I decided to participate and perform 'Je Suis Malade' by Lara Fabian. When I signed up I never thought of being in the Top 4!

When I saw the initial results, I couldn't believe it and so I did everything to win. I contacted as many people as possible and my family was very supportive and helpful. My parents checked on my progress almost every minute of the entire competition. I tried to post as much content as possible on my Instagram account to have more online presence and votes. From the results, I realized that my dream of writing my own song can finally come true. Initially, my mindset when I entered the contest was more for fun and to see where it would take me.

I can't thank everyone enough: musivv, my family, my singing teacher Isabel Canada Luna, my piano teacher Monica and everyone who supported and believed in me.

Initially, my mindset when I entered the contest was more for fun

How was your songwriting journey?

My songwriting journey to be honest was pretty complicated. I had never written a song before even if it was just a melody, I doubted myself enormously. Throughout the summer of 2020 many people have helped me write or compose but nothing appealed to me and I felt nothing while singing “those songs”.

For me, it is essential to feel the song deep within myself and to express my emotions through it. By the end of August, I got home at 3.00 AM I suddenly had a melody in my head, so I wrote the chords and played it on the piano.



For the lyrics it was more complicated, I only had words so Rémyniscence, a friend of my sister's who is a songwriter writer helped me out. The whole month of September, we worked on the song and I can't thank him enough for writing such beautiful lyrics! Then musivv reworked my composition with a pianist, then added cello and violin and the rest was history.

I felt like a professional singer

How does it feel to finally record after months and months of waiting?

The recording was awesome! You see the movies on Netflix for example, it was the same, I felt like a professional singer. I gave my everything on this recording (to a point that I lost my voice for 4 days). I hope people will like the song!ender