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Having studied pop singing and piano in Prague Conservatorium for 6 years, Verou Poli recorded her first original album in the famous Czech Studio by Karel Vágner when she was 12 years old. Her second cover CD came out shortly when she was 19.

Playing for 5 years in famous country Czech band Country Sisters, where she played the guitar and lead singer. Verou Poli has traveled and performed all over Europe and Malaysia.

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Now living in Dubai for almost 4 years, she was the lead singer and pianist for 'Advanced Creatures Band' performing at A-list venues across Dubai such as Bagatelle, Atlantis Hotel, Jazz Pizza Express, Pier 7, Ritz Carlton Cafe, and the list goes on. This year she has taken on concentrating on her solo career. Playing as a DJ, fiddling around the keys, guitar, drum pads and looping beats and melodies, and performing live from Monday till Wednesday in the radio podcast show THANS (Thr Here And Now Show). musivv reached out to this multi-talented DJ to see how she is doing amidst her busy schedule.

I know my day-plan from the beginning

You have quite a lot going on. Piano, podcast,, how do you manage your time?

I know my day-plan from the beginning, having music as my passion, I always have time to learn and keep practicing on my piano or guitar. Having most of my gigs in the evening I try to get some rest during the morning time, then go to the pool, play with my cats, go for yoga, then go to the office for a few hours where we do our daily show which allows me to spend some time on keys, which not only is the practice but builds my confidence in myself. I'm trying to be productive every day and I love to come up with something new.

Why Dubai?

Dubai is full of opportunities in any field you are in and having so much to explore and people coming from different countries to visit this place is always coming up with new opportunities for learning and earning at the same time.

The first song you ever wrote, what's it about?

About love!


What message from you, your podcast your songs, would you want your listeners and followers to embrace?

Stay positive, be original, work hard & never stop learning, always have a good time with yourself.

Stay positive, be original

Biggest celebrity crush? You were given 5 minutes to sit and talk, how would that go?

Jamie Cullum. I would be definitely nervous. But depends on the topic & the listeners 😊

Who is someone who inspires you that is not in the music field?

My husband & my family

If you were given the power to change one thing in the world, what would it be?

Time, which is never enough in the day to achieve my dreams.