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The bonus of being able to produce music with his vision sets him a cut above the rest. Although this is not a rarity anymore in today's music world, the 'prince of bel heat' had to grow and develop a distinct sound and create a variety in music and performance. Ranging from normal hip hop, trap, melodic trap, drill, trap-soul, R&B, Prince VA committed to being as versatile as possible.

He had to find himself out of his comfort zone when it comes to the type of record he puts out, and whether he is a feature artist/producer, this reflects a good extent thus far. So who is this royalty emerging in the highly-saturated local music scene? Find out in this exclusive musivv interview.

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Looking back, what do you think is your 'Eureka' moment? That moment when you said "This is it, I'm all in. I'm doing music or nothing at all!"?

So I started developing an interest in rap about 5 years ago, where my first release was a cover of a popular rap song a year later on Soundcloud. A variety of sporadic releases followed from there onwards, until one fine day in 2018 where I got tired of trying to find producers and people to mix my music, so I decided to purchase a MIDI keyboard, get all the best recording equipment I could get, download the right software and learn how to do it all myself. From there onwards, I made up my mind that with the knowledge and skills that I eventually gained from this,

I'm going to fully commit myself to music.

Who do you look up to that's outside the music space? Why?

Outside of music I am heavily invested in sports, so much so that I have a degree in Sports Management, so I would so I've always looked up to some of the greatest athletes of our generation and previous, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Jordan, etc. just in terms of how they strive for greatness, the work it takes to put in to be a success and to be a step ahead of the competition. This isn't limited to just those 2, and I always look up to greatness in all fields and industries.

Your latest single 'Finding My Way,' what's the song story?

So with this song, this is part of an EP-based series that fellow Dubai-based producer CTRL. is venturing into, where he looks to collaborate with various artists in the region to make one full project with EACH of them, and he has chosen me to kickstart this series.

'Finding My Way' is essentially the lead single to this project, and the vibe came from hearing the beat, so the melody was the first element. When it comes to melodic tracks, I always look to come up with the melody first to establish the vibe of the song, and then look to fit in what I want to say in that melody. The inspiration behind it also came from feeling like I still have a lot to prove, and how I'm balancing all aspects of what I am aiming to accomplish. Indirectly I am also addressing certain people I have come across who are still lost in transition and still finding their way but don't have the right mindset yet to do so.


What's your typical day like?

At this moment in time, it is all music and nothing but. I am constantly creating, learning, and trying to monetize off it as well, offering freelance music production and engineering services as well. Ideally, as it used to be in the recent past, I used to do a 9-5 and work on music every night, but in this climate, I find myself currently having to make the most of my time productively through building on my aspiring career in music.

I am constantly creating

Superhuman ability, what would it be?

Hmm, that's always a tough one and I feel like my answer changes every time. Right now I would say maybe, the power to pause and playback time, so that I could go and fix any mistake I made immediately or pause everything to gather myself in certain moments!

Biggest celebrity crush.

Oof, another interesting question! For a long time it's been Tinashe. And if we were in a lift together I'd at the very least *attempt* to make contact, and try to say SOMETHING to be remembered by even if it's for a short while haha. Maybe establishing an artist-to-artist introduction would work, who knows??