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She has a lot on her plate. She draws energy from living a busy life — her comfort zone to be precise. Juggling between being a producer (beat loops or mashups of songs and remixes) a DJ and a dog-lover, DJLiutik thrives and makes the most out of living life in the fast lane. musivv had a conversation with this multi-talented expat. Here's how it went.

Can you share with us a little bit about your music journey?

I come from a family where my dad was a musician. He used to have a band and he was a guitar player. So from an early age I was around music and it was my dream either to do acting or to become a singer, but my mom had a different vision for me, so she convinced me to study law.

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So I did it, but throughout the years I would still think about music, and one day I just decided to take a production course and I applied here in Dubai. I didn't really know if it will work for me but I just wanted to do it while I am young and can take risks like that to experiment (smiles). It did work for me indeed and I am very glad I took that risk because I am very happy about what I do and I love the fact that my hobby turned out well for me.

my hobby turned out well for me

How do you work around your schedule?

My time is pretty hectic. I can be free and suddenly I am fully booked or busy with projects. But that's my comfort zone, I love being busy, somehow I function better (smiles). Regardless of my hectic schedule I still manage everything pretty well. I love to be organized so it works for me.

What message would you like to share to your followers?

Switch off your eyes and what you see in social media can sometimes distract you from what you do, just trust your ear and taste, because back in the day that's what we used to do, we would judge based on our personal taste not what social media promotes.

Biggest celebrity crush?

(Ponders) There are a couple of them but I will choose in the music industry. I would love to meet Beyonce, Rihanna or JLO, these 3 powerful women are just perfect examples of how they build their career and after so many years they're still relevant and on the top the game not only in the music industry but in the fashion business too.


Who inspires you outside of the music space?

My friends and family! Most of my friends and family are not in the music industry, they are my inspiration and reflection like a mirror. I love the fact that all of them are not sugarcoating things for me and very straight with me about my music career. They are all very creative people and we always boost each other and it's a nice thing not to be in the same field so we can all share our opinions outside of the box.

Save mother nature!

Power to change the world is a big responsibility. But I would definitely put efforts in saving mother nature, because we wouldn't exist without it, global warming is not a good sign for humanity to ignore. I hope the world realizes this.

Her last words: "2020 is a very tough year for everyone but I had time to think of what I want and what I should focus on. Working on an album takes a lot of time and I think I won't have enough time to produce so much but you will see a lot of remixes and in my SoundCloud featuring Local artists/International artists, one of my latest mixes is called Desert Kids."ender